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The Location

Bao restaurant is located on the 4thfloor in Harrods making it an amazing addition to the different cuisines that they currently offer to their shoppers. Making this a must stop for a delicious meal before, during or after shopping. The best part is that you don’t have to queue for hours as in their Soho location.

Our Experience

As soon as we entered the restaurant area there was a member of staff ready to greet us.

We said we were from Kensington Mums and they offered a great table as we had one of our little ones joining us. Whilst we were waiting for another one mum we were nibbling on prawn crackers that were very crispy and had a very small kick of spicy served with a truffle spicy mayo.

We had the pleasure to be waited on by Gong – the assistant Manager – he started off by offering 5 different varieties of bubble teas. We tried Matcha, Passion Ice tea, and Caramel and for my little one a banana and chocolate smoothie.

We asked Gong to suggest what to order from the Bao specialties.  Upon he asked if  there were any dietary restrictions and then off he went by selecting great choices and giving us the opportunity to sample most of their menu and their signature dishes.

Throughout the whole time Gong and their lovely staff approached us during our stay making sure all was good and if we needed anything else. So, you can be sure you are in good hands with any of their members of staff, as they are extremely polite and will take care of you and your party.


We had their Dim Sum Platter x 2 which is for one person and I must say it is a must have. It comes with a Wonton soup and six types of dumplings: one with lobster and coriander, Alaskan king crab, prawn dumpling with truffle oil, scallop Sui Mai, spicy roast duck dumpling and yam bean vegetable dumpling, we also had crispy delicious prawn spring rolls served with spicy tomato sauce, this was for me, by far my favorite, then I also highly recommend to share as we did the roasted Beijing style duck with hoisin sauce, scallions and cucumber Bao, lobster with Szechuan mayo Bao, and crispy chicken with sweet chili sauce and pickled radish Bao.

Main Dishes

By now, we already had a feast; actually so much so that we thought that was all we will be having, as we were already “kind of”full with only the starters.  Then Gong came and to our surprise started walking us through what he had in mind to further delight us from the “Main” section of their menu.

We had the Triple Meat Platter – a total must have if you are the meat kind of gal you will enjoy ordering, it. It has a Berkshire pork char siu, crispy Berkshire pork belly served with mustard and roasted duck very tasty.  From the ”Grill” section we had Wagyu strip loin steak served with shim eji mushroom Wafu sauce, which was medium rare, simply cooked to perfection. It was very crispy on the outside and pink inside; it literally melted in our mouths. From the “Noddles” section we had the Spicy Szechuan dan dan noodles with vegetables and mince pork simply lovely for those that enjoy spicy, we also had the crispy noodles with chicken, prawns and Bao kitchen sauce, which was very delicate. From the “Side” section we also had egg noodles with ginger garlic soya sauce, white steamed rice and grilled tenderstem broccoli served with teriyaki sauce the broccoli was crunchy and the sauce was lovely.


Kensington Mums verdict

As you can imagine we were struggling to finish the mains even though they were outstanding. We highly recommend making time while shopping at Harrods to stop by Bao and delight yourself with delicious food or simply come to Bao without shopping, as this location is less busy than the one at Soho so you can skip the queuing.

Get more information about Bao Kitchen via their website.  You can also read a lunch review at Chai Wu in Harrods here.