A new way to holiday!

Conscious Family Retreats

Often, when families go on holiday, it’s a mad production of planning, packing, more planning and packing, anxiety about logistics, meals, activities & entertainment, keeping kids happy, trying to find time for parents to unwind, not wanting to plant kids in front of digital devices to get some respite from the mayhem, but doing it anyway just so you can get an hour of peace.  When the holiday is over, you return to your normal life feeling like you’ve been hit by a tornado and you think “I really need another vacation!”

We are also in service to Mums and Dads who may not be able to take a break as a full family unit. Do not feel it an impossible task to holiday without your partner with doubts about “How will I manage on my own with my little one?” This is what we are here for – to provide a space for you to take a break knowing you are fully supported in circumstances such as these.

Holidays with Intention Family Retreats is a holiday with a twist… When you leave, you actually feel rested, recharged and refreshed, and ready to get back into life.

How do we do that?

At Holidays with Intention, our children’s program is created based on the Montessori principles of the prepared environment, observation, following the child’s lead and the absorbent mind.  Our programs are created in flow with the children we have on-site. No two weeks will be identical.


Each morning you drop your children for our 3-4 hour program, your children will be meaningfully and mindfully engaged, with time and space to be curious, to play, grow and to connect.
That leaves 4 hours of uninterrupted and guilt-free time each day for you to unwind and take care of you.


For the adults, we offer a yummy yoga practice to get you back into your bodies, so you feel energized and strong.  We follow that up with a leisurely brunch, where you can eat and have uninterrupted conversations with like-minded individuals.  Have a spa or massage treatment, or just hang out and read/sleep or use the bathroom in peace.


Children return to you around mid-day for their lunch. Afternoons are left open for family time. Perhaps it’s time for a nap, a dip in the refreshing pool, an exploration of the local neighborhoods, a trip to the beach, a walk in the woods or shopping in the local markets.
Dinners are served family style with families eating together.

Returning home ready to try new things

There are two workshops scheduled during your week with us. Workshop themes range from Conscious Parenting & Parenting Tips to, Inner child Connection (Reconnect with your inner child to awaken your sense of adventure and enthusiasm, to clear past programming and strengthen your ability to relate and communicate with your children) and Being Fearless. (make Fear your ally to attain clarity, regain confidence and take action to achieve your goals)
The workshops are curated specially to meet the needs of the group as Sa & Ping spend the first two days connecting with each attendee and their children, quietly listening for what is being asked for in terms of life and parenting tips & growth.

Who are We?

Our facilitator Melissa (Sa) Indot is the Founder of Intuitive Music Programming, a trainer of Serenity Vibration Healing and guided by the principles of Non-Violent Communication. She’s a modern-day Shaman, and will guide and support you through this journey of Human BEing-ness.  Join us for a week of fun and adventure, rest and relaxation.

Our children’s program is led by Ping Ong-Coates. She is a mother of three, has been an early childhood educator for over 15years and is the founder of Frontyard Playschool.

We invite you to join us for your Holiday with Intention.

Head to https://www.holidayswithintention.com/ For our latest Family Holidays, Early Bird Offers for our Summer Half Term Family Holiday and our Women’s Retreat in June. Sign up and join our community and we will update you every time a new retreat is confirmed, BEFORE it gets published on our website and social media platforms. We are already planning for the summer holidays and the Autumn Season, both family retreats as well as retreats for individuals in Asia and Europe.

We also do bespoke retreats for those who choose to holiday with family friends.