Adventure in Albertopolis: A Free Virtual Event For Girls Aged 6-8

From learning about the rarest pink diamond ever discovered to creating your own machine design; do not miss this virtual event hosted by Queen's Gate.

Virtual Event


If you live in Kensington, the word might be familiar to you; you might know that it was coined in the 1850s to describe the area of South Kensington which was Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s great project and which gave us the Great Exhibition, the three Museums, Imperial College, the Royal Albert Hall and many other internationally-renowned institutions — and it is also the area in which you will find Queen’s Gate School, founded in 1891.

Last year, at Queen’s Gate Junior School, we decided to launch a programme which would foster creativity and ignite curiosity in our most intellectually-ambitious pupils.  When it came to a name, there seemed to be none more relevant for our own project.  And so the Albertopolis Programme was born.

A Free Virtual Event For Girls Aged 6-8

Albertopolis Club is offered to our pupils who enjoy encountering new ideas perhaps not covered at length within the curriculum.  From Post-War architecture to commedia dell’arte; from Impressionism to astronomy, our pupils make great discoveries.

Since establishing the Club, the Albertopolis Programme has evolved to become a rich and exciting celebration of learning which not only extends our own pupils but which now includes pupils from other local schools who would like to take part in our journeys of discovery.

On Friday of last week, the Albertopolis Talks series was launched, with our first visiting speaker, polar microbiologist Jasmin Millar, telling our pupils (and pupils from other local schools who were invited to join us online) about her encounters with polar creatures great and small.  The girls were thrilled to hear from Jasmin, who, as a young woman scientist, was a great inspiration.  She awakened the curiosity of the pupils who had the chance not only to hear about her polar adventures but also to ask about the educational journey that she had made from schoolgirl to globe-trotting microbiologist.  She gave us excellent tips on how to pursue a career in science.  We have many other speakers lined up for the rest of the year.

Adventure in Albertopolis -

Join Us Virtually On Saturday 28 November

On Saturday 28 November, we invite other girls to share in our Albertopolis adventures by joining us online for a morning virtual event of exciting, interactive sessions.  All girls aged 6-8 are welcome; they will be placed in teams to take part in a series of challenges, each of which takes as its theme one of the institutions of Albertopolis.  For example, when ‘visiting’ the Natural History Museum, girls will learn about the evolution of birds by studying fossils and then creating their own new species; when led to the Great Exhibition, the girls will learn about the exhibits of 1851 (from the Daria-i-Noor, the rarest pink diamond ever discovered, to the world’s first public lavatory!).  They will then create their own exhibits for a 2021 Great Exhibition.  In all, there will be six stops on the route around Albertopolis. At the same time, I will be speaking to parents about the 7+ Albertopolis Scholarship, open to all girls who apply for a place in Year 3 for September 2021.

For more information or to book a place for your daughter on the virtual event, please visit this link.

Queen’s Gate School was founded in the reign of Queen Victoria and our pupils would have witnessed the creation of Albertopolis first-hand.  Today, the same values which gave London its finest educational and cultural institutions are core to the Queen’s Gate philosophy. Contact us to discover more and see what advantages a Queen’s Gate education could offer your daughter.

virtual eventJames Denchfield

Director of Queen’s Gate Junior School

Queen’s Gate is an independent girls’ school in South Kensington for 4-18-year-olds.  

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