7 steps to sugar-free kids


Lizzie King is mother of Jethro 9, Calypso 7 and Phoenix 3. She is a Nutritional Health Coach, an author, a graduate of Leith’s School of Cookery and founder of Lizzie Loves Health.

We spoke to Lizzie for her sugar-free cooking tips. She shares with us her 7 steps to sugar free kids.

7 steps to sugar-free kids

  1. Don’t have refined sugar at home – if you don’t cook with it, they won’t crave it.
  2. Fast-forward past the sugary food adverts on television.
  3. Explain to your children what refined sugar does to them using visual cues, such as a roller coaster ride that makes them dizzy.
  4. Read the labels: secret sugars hide in many unexpected things.
  5. Offer an alternative such as a banana, trail mix or your own homemade treats. This is the ‘crowding out’ method – crowd in good foods, leaving no room for the bad.
  6. Don’t introduce a blanket ban – this encourages binge eating.
  7. Do your main shop online or without your kids if you can – then you won’t be besieged with demands for all the sugary stuff.

Taken from Lizzie Loves Healthy Food.  Read more about Sugar awareness week.