4 tips on boosting your family’s immunity

Do you get frustrated at how often your kids get sick? Nursery or school can be breeding grounds for germs – specially nowadays unfortunately – but there’s a fair bit you can do to keep illnesses alway and keep the whole family well.

Here a few tips for boosting your family’s immunity:

  1. Eat well. A healthy, balanced diet is super important for warding off colds, flu and other illnesses. Fruits and vegetables are a big part of this as the nutrients and antioxidants that they contain help to improve health and wellbeing. Aim for lots of different colours of fruits and veggies for a really wide range of goodness.

2. Get plenty of sleep. Making sure that your little ones get plenty of sleep is super important for immunity, and health in general. It’s also great for keeping their brain sharp!

3. Get active. How active are you as a family? Exercise has been shown to improve immunity. Some types of exercise are better than others for this. According to studies, moderate exercise helps to boost white blood cell production and is great for circulation too. Aim for around 30 minutes of physical activity most days. Bonus points if you can find ways to get more active as a family. A few fun ideas include family walks, dance offs and games that encourage you to get moving.

4. Keep encouraging regular hand washing. Germs are everywhere and when they’re picked up on little hands, it’s all too easy to get sick and spread germs around. As much as 80% of infections are spread by germs on the hands … easy to believe at nursery and school!  Getting your kids into the habit of washing their hands regularly helps to protect against this. Some of the most important times for them to head to the sink? After using the bathroom, just before eating and if they need to blow their nose – preferably for at least 20 seconds. And if there’s no hand washing facilities anywhere near? Hand sanitising gels are a great fallback and you can even make your own natural versions.

Juliana Ehr is a holistic heath coach, she helps women to live with less stress, less toxins and more nourishment.  You can follow her on instagram @ehrjuliana or check her website: www.julianaehr.com.