Zippos Circus

Another year has passed and Zippos Circus is back in town – we were delighted that Kensington Mums was invited to view Zippos circus new show ‘Celebration’ – It’s not just any show, it’s a super special one, as Zippos Circus is celebrating 30 Years of Circus with a spectacular new line-up.

As my children are obsessed with all things furry or cute we did not waste time to clown around and head straight for Zippo circus to see a new pawsome line-up of talented family of pet cats.
The new line-up of cat acts began five years ago when Rosline and her husband, who runs a Zippos horse act, found Felix abandoned in a park.
Felix was the first feline they trained and the troupe’s number grew as they adopted more abandoned cat. Only a handful of the cats perform each night to ensure they do not get tired – My children said ‘Felix is a Supercat, like Superman’ – I think it has something to do with his action hero cape billowing behind him when he performs.

For adults, like myself, there’s an extra layer of admiration and appreciation of the skills shown to pull of jaw-dropping acts like the trapeze stunts performed high above the circus ring, without a net; the nail-biting knife throwing and the terrifying ‘Wheel of Death’ both performed blindfolded!

To ensure to be unforgettable, there’s something fun and fascinating for everyone, from the incredible artistry with Zippo’s stunning white horses to the Kenya Boys’ acrobatics; and inventive clown Mr Lorenzo – and of course Norman Barrett MBE – Ringmaster extraordinaire with his cheeky performing budgerigars.

Zippos circus will be in London until 22nd May 2016. Children under 2 go free if they don’t occupy a seat – Purrfect for families with little ones!