Yogurt Bark

Today’s contributing recipe is by local Mum of one Carla who is also due very soon with her second baby. We just love her Instagram account @imadetoday.  She shares with us this delicious breakfast alternative or healthy snack, great for back to school kids.
1 cup of plain coconut yogurt (or any favourite yoghurt)
Handful of Strawberry Crispies from @rawgorilla (a super-yummy sprouted buckwheat cereal or any granola/muesli combo)
6 fresh strawberries
Tbs of bee pollen @bonpominstagram
Line a tray with baking paper. Pour yoghurt and spread out with a spatula. Sprinkle on muesli of choice, strawberries and bee pollen. Freeze. Slice. Eat. Best stored in freezer.
* top tip – for extra sweetness mix vanilla powder and/or honey (maple syrup if vegan) to the yoghurt before spreading on tray.