Womens Summer Detox


With the onset of Summer, Isn’t it the best time of the year to feel better in your skin & body.

We are surrounded by every kind of toxin– air pollution, plastics, chemicals in our home care products but also in our health and beauty products. Allowing toxins to accumulate in our bodies can result in health issues such as fatigue, migraines, joint pain, brain fog, inflammation, digestive imbalances and frequent infections.

Your body’s natural detoxification system becomes overworked and a detoxification process is needed to support your liver function and eradicate the accumulation of toxins in your body.

Detox is the best way to rejuvenate your body, improve your health and promote weight loss.

Here are some simple tips for your early season reset – 10 days detox challenge for summer time !

But, before starting your detox plan, you will need to:

  1. CLEAN YOUR PLATE reduce or remove from your diet foods that have detrimental effects on your wellbeing such as refined sugar, processed food, fried food and dairy products. Avoid also coffee and alcohol during your diet.
  2. Eat ORGANIC: this is the best way to reduce your exposure to certain pesticides that loads the body with more toxic toxins. Organic local producers such as  “London farmers market” comes every week in south Kensington & Earl’s court; you will find organic fruits & vegetables or if you prefer you can also try Abel & Cole for fresh organic food directly delivered to your home.
  3. Eliminate ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS: Replace commercial and chemical cleaning products with natural products (house detergents, dishwasher & washing machine products). Beauty products should be also as natural as possible.

Now you are ready to start your detox program ! 

Run it for 10 days, but  if you want to loose more weight you can extend it for a longer period.

In practice, start your day with a glass of warm water & lemon juice; after a long night, your body needs a gently wake up and it will stimulate your digestive system.

As you may know, most of the detoxification process happens when your body is resting – when you are asleep and when you are not in the process of digesting.

To optimise your 10 days detox challenge:

  1. SLEEP well – ideally a good quality sleep is 7-8 hours per night
  2. Practice INTERMITTENT FASTING (12/12) – Keep daily eating windows of 12 hours. For example if you have your breakfast at 8 am you will be able to eat until 8pm and then fast from 8pm until the following morning at 8am. During the fasting period you are not allowed to eat but you can drink water or herbal tea if you want.

Now it is time to introduce FOOD that will nourish your body.

  1. High quality PROTEINS– lean, grass-fed animal meats or wild-caught fish – to support the liver function and  process toxins within the body.
  2. PLANT BASED FOODas they are full of phytonutrients which are essential for the detoxification process. Please see examples below.

– Green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach, broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, garden cress, cabbage & Brussel sprouts)

– Non starchy vegetables (artichoke, asparagus, beets, carrots, celery, cucumber, eggplant, leeks, mushrooms, peppers, squashes, tomatoes, turnips)

  1. FIBRES(Oat, ground flax seed, lentils, beans, pears, apples). Fibres ensure regular bowel movement , which is essential for the elimination of toxic chemicals and metals. They are also fuel for your micro biome which will support your immune and digestive function.

WELL DONE !!  Now your diet is clean and full of essential nutrients needed to support your liver during its detoxification process.

The next step is the ELIMINATION of toxins from your body. Your liver makes toxins water soluble so your body can excrete them through urination and sweating.

  1. Stay hydrated – drink water – 1,5 to 2L of water through the day to stay hydrated and promote toxin elimination.
  2. Exercise – staying active and exercise 2 to 3 times per week will support the detoxification process as SWEATING will help remove toxins.
  3. Infrared Sauna or steam rooms 2 to 3 times per week to sweat out toxins through the skins pores.

Very quickly you will start to feel more energetic, less sluggishness with a better focus. It gives a kick to your metabolism and supports weight loss especially excessive fat.If you have any medical conditions, please ask your general practitioner or Nutritional therapist before taking on any diet or detoxification program.


Article by Audrey LOKIEC,  a certified Nutritional Therapist. She graduated from the renowned centre of nutrition education, the College of Naturopathic Medicine based in London. She focuses on health and wellbeing and uses her knowledge and experience to advise on all aspects of nutrition to promote wellness.If you need more specific nutritional advices, you can visit her website www.nutriforhealth.com and book an appointment or you can send her an email at [email protected] Also follow her on Instagram for some great daily health tips.