While Roger and Rafa make their way to Centre Court, get your children ready to go to Holland Park (Court 3 – by the games pitch and outside gym) as this summer’s main event is about to happen: The Teddy Tennis Summer Camp starts on Monday, 16th July, (until the end of August). They have classes in the mornings and afternoons to suit your child’s age and ability, so feel free to book for a few days, a week, or all seven weeks!  

What is Teddy Tennis?

Teddy tennis is a unique way of teaching, using music, teddy bear pictures and games, to create wonderful lessons for children aged two to six.  Inspiring your child’s imagination, their program develops athletic skills resulting in coordinated, cool & confident kids, who love tennis & life!

Top tips for teaching tennis to children

Tennis is an amazing game we describe it as “chess on legs”, meaning that it is a sport but it is also a mental game that needs split second decisions every moment of the game. It is additive and truly for us the best Sport in the World. The sooner your children get into tennis or teddy tennis the better. Teddy Tennis share their top tips for teaching tennis to your children.

  1. Tennis is a sending a receiving ball skill sport. So the sooner you play catch and various versions of catch with your children the better. It’s all a matter of hand to eye co-ordination. The good news is that co-ordination can be improved upon the more you use it. Yes some children naturally have more of it than others.

Use all types of balls. Tennis balls but when young best to use bigger balls like a beach ball of a light football to catch. Teddy tennis has numerous catch games and songs to go with them. To get a copy of the song and a picture of the bears doing an activity simple email me [email protected] and i will send you the song and picture by email.

2. Teach your child to walk with book on their head from as early as possible. Watch Roger Federer he never moves his head about when hitting a ball. He moves his body but his head stays perfectly still and calm. If you would like advice on anything regarding Teddy Tennis or tennis for that matter we are here to help, guide and advice. We have numerous catch games and songs to help, just get in touch with us and we can send you more information. (Email [email protected])

Teddy tennis is now growing all over the world and it’s amazing to think it all started in Holland Park.

Make your child happy and confident – come play Teddy Tennis !

For more information and course availability please call Teddy Tennis booking office on 0345 643 1173  or simply book ONLINE. Teddy Tennis have great team of coaches are  ready to play: Allie, Mark, Louis, Niall (back from his acting), Hichem, Ronan, Harry and a new addition, Louise, a great coach from bonny Scotland. Their summer camp is running for 7 weeks during the summer from the 16th July 2018.