Want to Blast your Fat?

Blast your Fat

*Kensington Mums reviews

Kensington Mums had the pleasure of having a session at the Fat Blast® – a combination of non-invasive fat reduction methods. If you have excess fatty areas or have areas that need specific attention, Fat Blast® is for you, so please keep on reading. As it was an amazing experience from the start.

The Location

The Fat Blast® Clinic is located in Fulham road inside a gym. Great location as it already puts your mind into the healthy mind frame going through the gym and directing you to the 2nd floor where the Fat Blast® Clinic is located. The magic happens inside a minimalistic modern and elegant space where they have 2 beds and the machines for the treatments.

What is Fat Blast®?

Fat Blast® uses medical grade technology to freeze, melt, tone, tighten and blast fat. Fat Blast® Radio Frequency Method uses a controlled heat device to destroy fat cells and stimulate collagen production. Radio Frequency has two functions – it tightens the skin and destroys fat cells.

Fat Blast® Ultrasound Cavitation is a method with low frequency ultrasound exposing fat cell membranes to a strong wave of pressure and the fat cell structures cannot withstand this pressure and they disintegrate into a liquid state.

Fat Freezing method uses safe minus temperatures to destroy fat cells. The fat cells within this area are exposed to safe minus temperatures (up to -10 degrees). This low temperature damages the fat cells and causes them to crystallize without affecting the skin, nerves, blood vessels or muscle. Fat Blast® Shockwave Method is a powerful and effective mechanical massage. Shockwave works by stimulating fat breakdown, collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage via the delivery of radial shockwaves.

Fat Blast® Toning Method uses High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Technology to stimulate muscle building and fat burning. Paddles are applied to the area and the muscle contracts repeatedly during the session. lectro-magnetic fields are used to repeatedly contract and stimulate muscle energy production resulting in muscle building and fat burning.

My experience

fat blastAs soon as I approached their area, lovely Lauren came to greet me. Lauren is their Senior Aesthetic Therapist. She immediately introduced herself and asked me if she could take my temperature. So, all of you wondering if this is safe due to the current times – it totally is. Lauren and the staff are constantly wearing a shield and everyone attending the sessions needs to wear a mask as well. So, totally aligned and following the safety and regulations to mitigate risk.

Lauren took her time to thoroughly explain the procedure and how the whole technology works. After, she asked which area I wanted to target, I had decided to go for the abdomen – as a mum this is the most sought area to be treated. Lauren applied gel on my abdomen and she explained that she was going to start the treatment by moving the device in circular motions and that I would feel a whistle in my ears. Indeed I did, however, the whole treatment is completely painless. The only thing that is just strange and could be uncomfortable is this little ringing you hear in the ears. The rest was like having a belly massage. I really enjoyed it. Plus Lauren is simply brilliant on how she is explaining every single step she will be doing and walks you through the different methods and exactly how you will feel with each of the methods. Once she finished, approx. 45 min, she kindly said she would be wiping off the gel and how I was feeling.

I then was guided to go to the other bed where they have the Fat Blast® toning machine. I decided to target my bum area as this is an area that personally is the hardest to workout and train and I can definitely use some toning there. So, she explained again thoroughly what was going to happen and how I was going to feel. She placed 2 plaques on each cheek of my bum and then started the session. I can tell you I felt how my muscles were repeatedly contracting which felt amazing. I must have done the equivalent to 20K squats in 30 min. Impressive, no? Again, Lauren throughout the whole session was extremely professional and always asking how I was doing and if I wanted to increase the intensity which I asked to do so as I really wanted to get the best results.

Just like that I was done and ready to go on with my day with no pain, no bruising at all and already feeling lighter. I can tell you that the next morning I was already impressed with the results. I did follow their indications no alcohol at all, drinking loads of water to flush out the fat cells and following a healthy diet. I can’t wait to go back and see what will be the outcome after my second session and so on.

I really can’t recommend this more – it is a good way to get rid of that stubborn fat you have been trying to lose and nothing happens, a good way to motivate you to start losing some unwanted pounds, or target the areas of your body you need to firm and tighten.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Susan, the owner of this state of the art concept. She is the genius behind the Fat Blast® technology and as lovely as she is, she wants to help everyone feel better in their body and she is making Fat Blast® affordable to all.

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Address: FLEX Chelsea, 293 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9PZ. Tel: 0207 228 9824

For more information, please check their website https://www.fatblastclinics.com

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