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Vita Pilates is a boutique fitness studio specialised in dynamic Pilates. Its unique
method combines the best training techniques with a direct and time efficient
approach that will deliver the results you are looking for.

All sessions are performed on Pilates Reformers that can be adjusted depending
on your body size and level of experience.

*** The Vita Pilates Experience ***

As soon as I entered the boutique studio, a smiling face at reception desk
welcomed me. She immediately asked my name and showed me where the class
was going to be held. She kindly offered me a clean towel for me to use during
the class.

As I arrived 5 min before the beginning of the class, I went quickly downstairs to
check out the changing area. They are fully equipped with bathrooms and
They also offer for sale a small range of clothing right at their premises.

I then went into the studio, which offers a very nice and cosy ambience perfectly
lit. They have 8 Pilates Reformers and offer plenty space in between the
reformers. There are adequately well placed mirrors all around the studio
allowing you to see yourself and also the whole studio.

I had the pleasure to attend Dee’s Sculpt 55 min long class on Friday at 12:30 pm.
The class was full so I am glad I attended such a popular class that is designed
and catered to mums that want to tone and sculpt every single muscle of their
body as the name of the class denotes.
Dee is a very friendly instructor that from the start made me feel welcomed and
encouraged me during the class. She explained and demonstrated each exercise
and gave a beginner, intermediate and advanced option, catering to every one
attending the class. She came twice to re position my legs while I was doing an
exercise as I have done Pilates before but I am not an expert.

I must admit that from the Pilates Reformers classes I have been before this one
was one I enjoyed the most and could actually feel the burn and that feeling that I
was working every single muscle. I have no doubt that if I attend these
classes on a regularly basis I will tighten and tone my mums body and will
improve my core strength achieving what I have lost ever since being a busy
working mum on the go.

I can highly recommend this class as without implementing many sit-ups,
crunches or a lot of abs exercises works sculpts, it tones and also strengthens the core. So it is the perfect match for pregnant and post-pregnancy mums that wish
to slowly reactivate all their muscles and regain their strength
in their pelvic floor muscles.

***Class Menu***

All classes are strategically planned to effectively cater to your needs. Be it loss
weight, have a flatter tummy, strengthening your core, flexibility, muscle
lengthening, cardio to name a few.

• Vita Totally Fit sessions*
• Vita Dynamic*
• Vita Sculpt*
• Vita Core Flex*
• Vita Intro*
• Vita Jump Fit*
• Vita Core Punch*
• Vita Fit in 30*
• Vita Barre Privé*
• Vita One-to-One and Duet
Special Class Arrangements
Pre-natal and Pilates Reformer sessions are available to be booked on a one to
one basis. They also offer small after school classes for kids (7 to 11 years old)
and teens  (12 to 15 years old). These classes are especially design to support
their physical development, co-ordination, core/postural muscle.

Amazingly there is no joining fee and no monthly membership. Please see the
introductory offers to welcoming you to the studio.
Offers for new Vita clients
• First session half price for £17 *
• Unlimited 10-Day Pass for £87 *
• Blended Package; for £120 *

How to book classes?
Login into your personal account and book online you will then receive a email

Vita Pilates clients say is their “happy place”, a place which not only
transforms their body but also their life.
So what are you waiting for?  Come today to try out a class and be hooked to this
lovely studio!

Important information

1a Ives Street,
London SW3 2ND
Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays 6.30am to 9.30pm
Saturdays 8.30am to 5.30pm and
Sundays 9.30am to 5.30pm

Website :