Vegan Creamy Mushrooms

What’s in it?
▫️3tbsp olive oil
▫️3tbsp oat flour
▫️500ml unsweetened almond milk
▫️1tspn chopped garlic
▫️1/2 cup chopped red onions
▫️250g chopped mushrooms
▫️1/2 chopped green pepper
▫️1/2 chopped yellow pepper
▫️1tspn Himalayan salt
▫️1tspn black pepper
▫️handful chopped parsley
▫️chillies if you like it hot! 🌶

▪️white sauce: heat olive oil, mix in oat flour then gradually add almond milk mixing it in with heat reduced to minimum
▪️add garlic and red onions
▪️cook for 1min then add mushrooms and peppers
▪️let cook for 3mins adding more milk if needed
▪️add parsley
▪️chillies or chilli flakes
▪️serve as a dip, a filling or as a spread… simply delicious 🤤

Recipe by 15minmom on Instagram