Valentine Crafts idea for kids

Valentine’s Day is one full of love, sharing appreciation and giving. We don’t give gifts as much as Christmas, but we do enjoy giving sweet little gifts that help our loved ones know we care. This is a perfect day for creation. Kids Valentine’s Crafts are perfect for creating cards and gifts to help share our love. We love making bookmarks for everything and anything, but these Valentines Bookmark Designs are perfect for this special day. We have found these other wonderful crafts and ideas to help make your Valentine’s Day creations the best yet! Thank you Red Ted Art for your contribution in this article.

Valentine Crafts ideas For Kids

We absolutely love making bookmarks. For every holiday, every birthday or any reason for that matter. These Love Bug Bookmarks has got to be some of my absolute favorites though. They are each personalized by the creator with different colors and different shaped hearts. It is an adorable Valentine’s classroom craft or party favor!

If you don’t already know, bookmarks are a fabulous gift idea, especially for people who love to read. These Printable Valentine Bookmarks are beautiful coloring pages turned gift. This would be a fabulous Valentine’s card for teachers or grandparents!

One of the most exciting part about Valentine’s Day, for parents and kids, is giving Valentine cards or gifts to friends and loved ones. You can do the typical card and piece of candy or you can do something entirely too cute like these adorable and easy Fridge Magnets.

Snowflakes are quintessential winter but can fade away by the time Valentine’s day comes. February is still winter, though. Combine the two with these super cute and totally customizable Valentine’s Day Snowflakes!  

Flowers are beautiful, but they die. This adorable Bobble Bouquet will never die and kids will love making it. Plus playing with it is fun because the flowers actually move up and down!

Valentine’s Day cards don’t have to be filled with hearts and flowers. If your child is a cat lover or you know cat lovers, these 3D Cat Cards are purrfect for this holiday too. They are a fun pop out type card and so cute to customize!

Decorating is one of the most fun parts about holidays. It’s fun to switch up décor and add fun colors and designs to any room. These Yarn Wrapped Valentine Letters are so adorable. They are easy to make and technically could be a great decoration all year round.

Super fun crafts are one of our favorite ways to get ready for holidays. This Handprint Heart Tree is one that can be kept forever. Kids hands will always get bigger but this handprint tree trunk will stay the same forever.

We love creating things for people that we love. This Kaleidocycle Paper Toy is perfect to make for your kids for Valentine’s Day. It is personalized, easy and fun! This downloadable file has multiple design options that you can choose from or make one of each. If coloring is relaxing and enjoyable for you, you will love this!

These Kids Crafts For Valentine’s Day are a perfect way to celebrate the special day. Kids can make these crafts for decorations, as gifts for people they love and appreciate or just to have fun Valentine’s Day creative time.