Trunkaroo Review, subscription box for little thinkers

We were delighted to receive a Family Games Night Trunk by Trunkaroo just before the Christmas holidays. We covered our family time on Instagram stories, we invite you to follow us there for family adventures around London.

For those who have not heard about Trunkaroo, it is a monthly art and science subscription box for kids. Each month they delivery delightful and enriching hands on activities, science experiments, art projects and DIY games night to your door.

We got our box through the door. It was beautifully presented and contained two games inside and everything you needed to design and construct your very own 3D board game. At Trunkaroo, they believe that “games are amazing tools when it comes to learning, they are super fun but also teaches a whole load of skills, memory skills and hand-eye coordination just to name a few”. We were excited to have a fun Family Games Night with Trunkaroo. We opened the box and there was a Space Board Game and a pompom Drop Game. Everything was beautifully packages in small transparent bags so it was easy to start. Everything needed, from materials to illustrated directions, is included in the box.

At Trunkaroo, they aim to cover development areas which can be shown below.

PomPom Drop Game

In our trunk we had tower template, straws, pompoms and butterfly pins. There was a also project instructions that we used throughout. This game aims to test the kids fine motor development, gross motor development, imagination, experimentation and social interaction. The kids were eager to have a go at making their own game. We followed the step by step instructions and build the tower. The steps were easy to follow. We played this as a group. The challenge was to take turns to remove the straws of our chosen colour from the tower. If any pompoms fall to the bottom of the tower during the go, then they are yours. The player who has collected the least number of pompoms when all the straws have been removed is the winner.


Space Race Board Game

This was the kids favourite out of the two. In this game, we had to design, construct and play our very own 3D board game. This project encourages fine motor development, gross motor development making, imagination, experimentation and social interaction. Again, we had all the instructions and material inside our trunk, including game board, rocket counters, stickers sheet, dice, shooting star strips, flue dots and a pen. Kensington Mums Tip: we loved having everything in our box, simply packed and ready to go!

The kids started designing their own 3D board game. Each one had a responsibility, one to construct the 3D shooting stars, one to do the aliens and planets, we even decorated our own counters. Then we were ready to race in Space. Blast off!

Kensington Mums Tip

The kids loved creating and discovering while learning through a fun night of play with our Family Games Night trunk. The box is great as a gift and for any parent wanting to get creative and arty. With a busy work, life schedule it was nice to take time off the busy schedule and just spend quality time as a family at home doing something fun. Having a Saturday night in of games with your little ones is priceless. The Trunkaroo box is also great for any parent that does not have the time to go and buy the bits and pieces for DIY project. I would say the boxes are ideal for pre-school children and subscription can be bought as 3, 6 or 12months subscription. Head to their website for more information.

Enjoy creating special moments with your little ones, as they grow up to fast.

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