Transforming Mama Stress Into Effortlessness And Ease

We are thrilled to have this contributing article from Marina Pearson who is a Mum of one, and is a best selling author, and effortless living specialist who supports mothers and mamas in business to transform their stress into an stress free lifestyle that achieves results.

Here at Kensington Mums , one of our new year resolution is to ‘Invest in Yourself’ approach, because we really need it to be able to take care of others.

Thought creates the world and then says ‘I didn’t do it’” ~ David Bohm, Quantum physicist

Stress can look and feel draining. And as a mother it’s something that we can experience more acutely than most. It seems that an epidemic has broken out where mothers tend to spend most of their time looking after everyone else, while putting herself last.

Somehow we forgot or told along the way that looking after ourselves first is something that is wrong, that we should feel guilty for doing so.

Which isn’t true.

We need to look after ourselves so that we can effectively be who we want to be to everyone else.

And of course without the guilt.

But how do you? How can you transform this stress that looks like its coming from our children or work or husband or the to do list into a feeling of effortlessness and ease?

What I have seen with my clients is that first and foremost it was important for them to know what was creating their experience of stress in the first place. By doing this, they get to see that their stressors were not coming from an external source, but from the nature of thought in the moment.

The nature of thought being the formless energy that allows you to experience anything. From site to smell to the feelings you have in your body.

Whenever you experience stress it’s because you are usually stuck in the gap between you think life works as opposed to how it really works. Which is the most normal thing in the world, as we all get caught up in thinking that our feelings come from external factors from time to time.

The implications of thinking that your boss, or your husband or your children are the cause of your stress will create more of it as at best you will seek to have control over the circumstances and at worst you will want to change their behaviour. And in my experience, the latter usually leads to the path of most resistance.

If you look to change your outside circumstances and do not know that your feelings are coming from the nature thought, the chances are you will keep getting more and more frustrated as the feelings do not go away.

However, by seeing what creates your experience, it frees you up to know that nothing on the outside can stress you or hurt you as it never came from the outside in the first place.

Funnily enough when you can see that you have an innate system that keeps bringing you back to a place of peace and calm, through the medium of insight, you trust that your body will take care of that for you.

The feeling of effortlessness and ease is innate within you too.

Have you noticed how your kids do the same? One moment they are happy and the next minute they are in their very own thought storms?

That’s how we function too.

But here is the good news: feeling centred and quite is your default position (as odd as this may seem) but the more you look in the direction of what is creating your experience, the more peace and calmness you will experience.


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