Top 12 places to go Trick or Treat in London

Half term and Halloween is  around the corner. All of London is bursting with great decoration and lots of kids activities. Check out top 20 activities to do this Half term.

We got asked a lot on places to go for trick or treating in and around Kensington, so have compiled a list of the streets by Mums who have recommended them.

Happy Halloween!

Top places to go Trick or Treat:

1. Ilchester Place W14. The image above was taken at one of the beautiful homes on Ilchester Road. The decoration was spooktacular with blood foot prints everywhere. The residents there really went all out and were so friendly with all children visiting them. Some even dressed up for the occasion to greet passers by.
2. Abbotsbury Road (W14). This road is also great and walking distance from Holland Park.
3. Oakwood Court (W14). These are block of flats in buildings. Not all flats decorate their homes so we advice that you knock on doors that have their lights up with decoration on their front door. We highly recommend that parents accompany their kids at all time, in case little ones get too overwhelmed with the trick or treat experience.
4. Addison Road. Steps away from Oakwood Road you will see many decorated homes.
5. The Boltons (SW5). The homes there are just stunning. The residents make the extra effort to decorate their homes for passers by and trick and treaters too.
6. Redcliffe Square. We have been told the area is suitable for trick and treating and is child friendly experience for all.
7. St James Park. One mum advised this area as its great for trick or treating and very popular with the American ex-pats in London.
8. Knightsbrige is one of the most attractive areas of central London with many private homes decorating for the occassion.
9. Brook Green (W6)
10. Phillimore gardens W8
11. Grafton Square SW4 and Clapham Old Town.
12. Northcote Road SW11 and surrounding, particularly Mallinson road to Honeywell Road

A good tip would be to start to go around early as most houses run out of sweets by 7pm.

Dress up and have fun on Wednesday! We are very social so please don’t forget to share your pictures with us via our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @kensingtonmums.


Article updated 14th October 2019.