7 Easter and spring-themed activities

Welcoming spring and celebrating Easter is shaping up to be a very different experience than usual, with social distancing the new normal. We may all be adjusting to being at home and staying safe but there’s plenty of ways to keep the celebrations going.

  1. A hunt with a difference

Turn the traditional Easter egg hunt into a scavenger hunt. Set your kids the challenge of finding 26 items, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. And the fun doesn’t end there – all the items have to fit onto a plate. You can challenge other family members and friends and send photos to see who has the most creative or bizarre plates!

2. Get creative with some Easter baking

From hot cross buns to chocolate-themed recipes, Easter is a great time to bake some sweet treats. You might not have all the right ingredients, they may be hard to find or you might just want to do something different, so now’s the time to get inventive. You could make hot cross muffins instead of buns, make biscuits with a ‘cross’ made of icing or even add chocolate to your hot cross creations.

3. Make your own Easter or spring-themed cards

With social distancing, we’re all having to wait that little bit longer to spend time with our family and friends. While technology has been a massive help in reducing that distance, traditional methods of staying in touch – such as a letter or a card, are just as welcome and will give the kids some good writing practice too!  Making cards can be a fun crafting activity – perhaps look ahead and make some for forthcoming birthdays or even Christmas!.

4. Design an Easter advent box

Who says advent calendars are just for Christmas? With everyone spending more if not most of their time indoors, it’s important to keep focused. Plan a series of activities spread throughout the day. In keeping with the Easter theme, get the kids to paint hollowed out egg shells and stick a number on each one, corresponding to the days ahead (since April has started already, the calendar could start from April 10th, Good Friday for example). Place a paper inside each egg, with a few activities to do each day. You can start off with six eggs and reuse them for the following days, just with different numbers.

5. Feed the birds

Spring is definitely in the air and with less people out and about, you can really hear the birds singing, at all times of the day. Show your appreciation by making some food for the birds. Sites like the Woodland Trust and the RSPB have bird cake recipes that are quick and easy to make – no baking involved! And if you have some spare Lego lying around, you can make a bird feeder using Lego bricks.

6. Get your fill of art

Many art galleries in London and other major cities have had to postpone exhibitions that were due to open in spring. But you can still enjoy art with the kids at home  by taking a virtual tour of art collections.  Check out the Louvre in Paris, the Egyptian Sculpture gallery at the British Museum or the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam for starters – the kids may be inspired to try their own version of his celebrated sunflowers.

7. A spring clean in small steps

With all of us having a bit more time on our hands and the kids off school and at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to do a spring clean in small steps. Set aside an hour each day to go through one room or one crate, making up a box or two of things you can donate or give away at a later date. You never know – you might discover some long-forgotten about games or toys that could come in use in the next few weeks!

Kim Benjamin has a girl aged 11 and a boy aged 10, both of whom go to school in the borough. She is a writer and blogger, contributing content on a range of topics, including travel, events, parenting, marketing and finance.




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