Self love experience at Skinfluencer | Review

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From the moment I booked in the consultation until the time I stepped out of their lovely premises I was so well impressed by the lovely staff and impeccable service Skinfluencer provided me with.

The Booking

I had the privilege to speak directly to Sharin Shafer the owner of Skinfluencer who took the time to explain their ethos and the whole story of how she always wished for “ a makeup free flawless face” and still have a natural and youthful appearance. So she jumped at the opportunity to create a place where, using the latest technology, she could create this look and feel for both men and women.

I was then immediately booked for my consultation.Within minutes I received an email with my booking details, a detailed explanation on how the Skinfluencer clinic is taking extra precautions due to Covid -19 and how they have adopted new safely measures and remodeled their patient journey to accommodate these uncertain times. Something which reassured me as I was concerned about attending the consultation and treatment due to the current virus. However, since the email confirmation was so detailed and included all the safety precautions they were going to take upon my arrival to the clinic, such as taking my temperature as soon as I entered, and asking me to sanitise my hands among other measures and also how their members of staff protected themselves made me feel very confident that there would be no risk whatsoever in being pampered by Skinfluencer. Included in email also was Covid-19 screening questionnaire form to be completed preferably before the day of the appointment.

The Skinfluencer Clinic

Skinfluencer clinic counts with A- class team of doctors and aestheticians with over 20 and 10 years of experience who work to provide you with the best possible treatment available in the market as they use only pioneering technologies as Fotona and Cutera. Actually, Skinfluencer was the first clinic to have the Cutera Secret RF microneedling technology in the UK, used mainly for acne scars and overall skin rejuvenation. They are also the only clinic in the area to have Fotona Dynamis Pro ‘s new robotic scanners used for body sculpting and skin tightening – perfect for us mothers.

Skinfluencer have signature treatments such as laser, cryotherapy, radio frequency, acoustic and light and they can treat a myriad of skincare woes and problems including and not limited to, skin ageing, pigmentation, acne and textural irregularities. They launched their boutique clinic early 2020 and their plan is to expand by opening branches in Europe, Asia, USA, and the Middle East to cater to their clients who travel regularly to these destinations and so they can always be pampered no matter where they are.

The Treatment Day

As soon as I entered the clinic, lovely Gigi was there to greet me by my name. She introduced herself and as mentioned in their email confirmation, she immediately took my temperature and then asked me to use the hand sanitiser they have right at the entrance.
She then offered me refreshments. Then we entered their private and secluded room where you can discuss the areas of concern you have and what you want to improve, change, etc. Gigi comes with a strong background in aesthetics and years of experience in the USA and in the UK. She is very knowledgeable and her personality combined with her beautiful smile and gentle touch makes the consultation a true delight. You feel you can trust her and that she will do exactly what you want to achieve on your face or body part of concern. Gigi is a true expert!

Gigi directed me to one of their gorgeous treatment rooms. Their rooms are nicely decorated and equipped with the most recent technology. I was invited to lay down and I have to say that Gigi advised me of every single move she did and carefully explained everything she was doing to me. Right away she examined my face and identified issues that were not discussed during the consultation but she discovered and would want to tackle to improve my overall appearance such as my pores. She then already came up with a plan to address all the concerns including the pores. We started by cleaning my face, this was the best part as she was giving me a gym face massage simply lovely! Next was laser time, a very gentle laser treatment to do a patch test procedure and ensure that there will be no adverse reactions to the laser treatment. They are very cautious and always perform a patch test before they proceed with the real treatment. Gigi has a easiness to explain and a great hand as it was not painful at all. I was handed a little hose that felt amazing as it was a little fan that I was holding to my face to cool the burning sensation that comes with any laser treatment. She then explained that she would be doing a very light peel that would work wonders after the laser. Then she massaged in some moisturizer on my face that felt awesome. Once done she gave me a mirror and the result after the light laser was great as I am very fair and I was barely red. My face immediately had a refreshing look and glow and a very slight red tint as if my skin was kissed by the sun.

After the first Consultation

I then received my bespoke treatment plan which addresses the primary areas of concern that Gigi identified at my consultation and targets my “problem areas”. The plan is very detailed and explains perfectly the whole treatment, including the cost, which I should continue, to achieve the desired results that I want to obtain and hopefully get that “makeup free skin look.”

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