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Paul at Home – Kits what else can you ask for?

What an amazing idea Paul Bakery had! We can now bake some of their delicious treats at home. Their new range of home baking kits allows anyone, even myself to feel as real bakers and recreate their amazing home bread, loaves, and their special Christmas cookies. You can choose from cookie kits, festive loaf baking kits, and home bread baking kits. Best of all is that you bake at home and have your little ones help you and make it into a fun and entertaining baking afternoon preparing a nice treat to be enjoyed with your family during lockdown times. They deliver nationwide with free delivery using our special code (scroll down to the end of the review to get it) and so it can surely be a great Christmas gift. If you place your order by noon you can expect the baking kit to arrive within 48 hrs Mon- Fri.

Our Experience

We couldn’t resist to go ahead and make it a fun activity with my little one and ordered the Christmas Cookie Tree Baking kit. Imagine what else could a toddler want more than coming home back from Nursery and having a fun afternoon baking his own snack. He can reward himself by eating his own creation – a true delight and enjoyable way to spend a winter afternoon.

This kit comes with all the dry ingredients you need including the cookie cutters and a stand for assembling your cookie Christmas tree. If you want you can even watch a video, via Instagram @Paul_BakeryUK where David Atherton shows how easy it is to do your very own cookie Christmas tree.

paul bakeryThe instructions are very well explained and it is so easy to follow. Paul Bakery has thought of everything as they included more of the dry ingredients that are required by the recipe. Something which in our case came in very handy as cooking with a toddler can get messy or shall I keep it real and say; very messy and so it is always better to have more than less as we might have the ingredients going on the floor rather than going inside the bowl 🙂
The only challenging thing was, especially with a toddler as your helper, waiting while having the batter for those looong 3 hours in the fridge. Now, that was very hard for us, still we managed to get distracted for the whole 3 hours until we were able to proceed with the fun part which was cutting out the cookies.

We rolled the dough and then followed the instructions to cut 4 of each size of the cookies. We then needed to place them again in the fridge but this time for only 30 min and then they were ready to go into the oven. They cook in only 10 min! Suddenly, the whole house smelled delicious of freshly baked butter cookies and we of course couldn’t wait to try them even while they were hot! We then quickly assembled the stand and waited impatiently until they were cooled off and ready to decorate with the icing sugar and then sprinkled them with the gold and bronze crunch provided in the kit.

Then, we carefully mounted the cookies to assemble our cookie Christmas tree.
We did it and luckily managed to take some pictures before starting to eat this delicious treat.


If you are being helped by a super active toddler like mine, please ensure you plan in advance an activity to do whilst you wait for the dough to be in the fridge and also waiting while they are cooling off.

Also and very important is to ensure when placing the unbaked cookies on the cooking tray they keep the shape and that you also make sure the hole you need to do in the middle of the stars keeps its shape as this is very important otherwise it will be hard to slide them through when placing them on the stand that is a stick and will make the cookie tree.

We highly recommend getting this kit as it is an amazing and delicious way to spend family time together and then treat yourselves after your hard work 🙂

We also had the delight to try out their Home Bread Maker kit – this kit has everything you need to make classic white bread at home: 500g PAUL Strong White French Bread Flour; 15g Active Dried Yeast; Bread Proving Basket. It also comes with a proving Basket; PAUL cotton Sac a Pain for keeping your bread fresh; Dough Scraper and a Recipe booklet to delve into to bake at home the classic PAUL way. It is very simple and it literally takes no time at all, only the time to wait until the dough doubles in size which can be around 1-2 hours. Then you need to wait until it rises for an additional hour or more. Then it is cooking time for 40 min. Best of all is that this kit comes with Paul’s recipe book that contains favourite bread recipes, tips and tricks from their French baking family. So, you can decide if you want to do the “Classic Wholemeal Bread” or their “Everyday White loaf” or “Wholesome Granary Bread” “Multigrain and Fried Onion – I am planning on trying this one next time for sure or their “Tear & Share Cheese and Onion Rolls” also if you fancy goat cheese you can do a Goat Cheese spring onion and Thyme Soda bread, a Treacle & Date bread, or a Multigrain Walnut & Honey bread or end up doing a Pizza dough.


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