Pampering at home by Blow Ltd

Kensington Mums had a wonderful couple of hours with two very talented Stylists from Blow Ltd as they got hair and make up done for their Mother’s day event which took place at the South Kensington Club on the 6th March 2016.

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For those of you who don’t know them yet, ‘Blow Ltd offers what everyone with a busy schedule could use, fast beauty to your door’. They deliver blow dries, make-up, manicures & pedicures to the comfort of your home, hotel or office (London zones 1,2,3)’

It is the beauty destination for professionals, convenient beauty without compromising on quality. 

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Dina had recently been on a family ski holiday, which can often turn out to be more tiring than relaxing with kids in tow. With a busy travel schedule as well as fitting in meetings and events in London, as a Mum of two  she ‘complained’ about her dark circles around her eyes and was hoping the girls could do some magic to make her look less tired. 

I had given birth to my second baby only 2 months before and had struggled to feel ‘human’ ever since. I dreamed of beautiful hair and makeup as my face looked tired and pale all the time. I needed a miracle to look good and was hoping the girls would do just that.

The girls arrived a few minutes before 9am with all their equipment and big smiles wearing their signature black top from Blow Ltd, they looked great and professional. Samantha took care of Nathalie whilst Becky of Dina.

Samantha asked me how I wanted my hair and make up; I told her I wanted a natural look for a daytime event where we had a few key speakers share their motherhood journey. I showed her a few pictures to give her an idea of what I was after and then told her to use whatever colour, style and make up she thought was the best for my skin and features.

She started by washing her hands and then talked me through what she had decided to use and do with my hair and for my make up. I was very relaxed and trusted her 100%.

Since my hair is very fine, she started with hair to give it time to sit in curls as she moved on to do my make up. My hair was dry but she took it bit by bit and to blow-dried and then clipped it up in curls.

Nathalie’s Top by Isabella Oliver

Samantha used ‘a combination of Mac,’ ‘Urban Decay ‘and ‘Naked’ as make up brands. I use Mac myself and was happy to try the two other brands, as I am always curious to discover new ‘pieces’ to add to my make-up bag.  She said my skin was flawless, which surprised me. With my hormones all over the place for the past months I didn’t feel my skin was as good as she had said, so to know that it wasn’t as bad as I thought was great.

Samantha prepared my skin for make-up with ‘MAC Strobe Cream’ to help moisturize and boost the tired look on my face whilst lightening up the skin as well. She followed by applying Urban Decay ‘face and body foundation’ which I found great, as it didn’t feel heavy on my skin, which I normally find most foundations to be. She used a brush to apply it and it felt gentle to my skin.

For my eyes Samantha used a naked eye shadow palette, mixing light and neutral colors to help open my eyes which I loved adding a very light touch of black liner and mascara for a complete eye make up day look.

Samantha also used a black pencil to thicken my eyebrows. I stopped her as she started because I don’t particularly like it when my eyebrows are thickened or darkened but she convinced me to try, promising she didn’t need much but would have worked well with the rest of the make up she had done for me. I must admit it was the first time I didn’t ask to have it removed, as it didn’t change my face as it normally does and it work really well with everything else as she had said.

For blush she used a pink skin colour, which gave me light rosy cheeks that married perfectly with the natural pink MAC lipstick. The lipstick was great and lasted much longer than we had expected it to, after coffee, nibbles and tea.

As I was getting my make up done, Becky was taking care of Dina’s who opted for a natural look for both her hair and make up.  It was a different choice for Dina who normally loves Smokey eyes and darker colours to go with her tanned look so we were both curious to see the results.

Dina’s hair had just been washed that morning and she had tied it in a ponytail until the girls arrived. When she put her hair down it had a lovely wave to it. Dina wanted a wavy natural look and Becky blow-dried her hair and gave her fabulous curls that lasted the whole day.

Becky used a combination of Bobby Brown, Mac, Naked Urban decay, which were all brands Dina had used before and trusted on her skin. 

To start, Becky used ‘Skin base Visage’ prime by Mac to even out the skin’s redness and added moisture to increase radiance. Dina felt the base Becky used worked perfectly with the ‘Studio Fix foundation’ she applied on top. It ‘spread’ evenly on her face covering all the little traces of tiredness she hoped would disappear.

Dina has a naturally beautiful tanned looking skin, which was accentuated with Bobby brown bronzer and blush giving her that extra glow.

Her eyes were done using urban decay naked eye shadow palette applying a combination of light, bright and neutral colour varying from light brown to soft pink, which mixed perfectly together. She finished her eyes with black eyeliner and mascara. It was a very different look to Dina’s usual make up and it suited her beautifully and perfectly for our daytime Mother’s Day event.

Becky followed by extenuating Dina’s brows shape and colour using DFMA brow palette, which all together helped give Dina a beautiful ‘fresh’ look finished with a  gorgeous light MAC peach lipstick colour, which suited her and the rest of the make up perfectly.

We both loved our make up and couldn’t have been happier with the results.  As both our make up was done both Becky and Samantha applied Urban decay fixing spray to make sure the make up would last us as long as we needed. It also added freshness to the skin, which we both loved.

Nathalie’s Top by Isabella Oliver

Once the make up was done Samantha came unclipped my hair and combed my curls down, I was very happy with how the hair and make up looked together.

Nathalie’s Top by Isabella Oliver

In just a couple of hours Becky and Samantha made us feel amazing, recharged and ready for our event. We felt glamorous!  The girls didn’t just do a great job with our looks but they were a pleasure to be with. We had a lovely time getting to know the girls, hearing about their careers as stylists with Blow Ltd.

Nathalie’s Top by Isabella Oliver

Both Dina and myself would highly recommend Samantha and Becky for any mum who is in need of a makeover or hair and make up for a special occasion or just to get pampered. It surely made us feel great! The girls were very professional and experts in their field and really fun girls to spend the morning with.

‘Blow Ltd have been featured in VOGUESunday times Style and Grazia.


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