Oxo Tot Sprout Chair

When OXO Tot approached us I was very excited to learn more about the brand, ‘test’ their newest high chair and receive some of their new products. Very recently I had seen OXO Tots products in Wholefoods Kensington, some lovely bright colored and ‘friendly shaped’ accessories for babies and toddlers. I wanted to buy them all but my sensible husband reminded me that we had SO many plates and cutely from when my now 3 year old son was a baby that I decided not to buy anymore. So the call came in perfect timing!

We received the OXO Tot sprout chair in a large cardboard box. Inside it were about 8 pieces, which needed assembling. The instructions were very straight forward; it didn’t take more than 5 minutes to put it together with the supplied tools. My three year old son even had fun helping me set it up.

The chair is designed to grow with your child. It has three settings, Infant Setting (6months to 18months), Toddler Setting (18months to 3years) and Youth Setting (3years to 5years). To change from each setting it is very easy, you just use unclip the foot rests and the seat to move to the new positions. No tools needed.

6391300_Sprout Chair_Gray : Gray

The Infant Setting is from 6monhs. The chair has a padded back rest, with safety straps. The tray is fixed in front of them. The backrest is also slightly curved to help promote good posture.




When you want to change it to the next Toddler Setting, you just adjust the footrest lower, adjust the tray to make it slightly wider and make the straps slightly bigger.

When you want to change it to the next Youth Setting, you just adjust the footrest lower again, you take the tray off and then your child can sit on the high chair at the table with you. My son was actually getting jealous of his sister’s new chair. So when we wanted him to sit with us at the table we easily converted the chair so it was suitable for him.


As soon as I put my 1year daughter in the chair you could tell she was comfortable and happy. We had previously been using another brand, which kept her locked in by the tray and was not comfortable for her as she grew bigger. She really like the space in the seat and the tray is big enough to accommodate everything she needs for her meals. As the back and the seat are both padded there is no problem her sitting in there for a while. We have even put her in there to watch some Tv. The chair also has two steps at the front which makes it more comfortable for the child to feel supposed and I found them very handy when feeding my daughter as I used the step to lean on.

What I like most about the chair is that it is so easy to clean. The tray is removable, so after the inevitable spills you can take it away and rinse in the sink. Also, the edge on the tray stops the spills going on to the floor. The padding is also easy to wipe and removable if needed.

We were lucky to receive the high chair in this specific color since most of our home’s furniture is that same color but given it is such a lovely neutral grey, I think it would go well and fit in most home decors. I also think its a perfect size which doesn’t take much space and therefore suits any area well.

OXO Tot also have many other products for children. With the sprout chair we also received several utensils. They make some really good spoons and forks for young children. They do feeding spoons, which are made of silicon so they are soft for young babies’ mouths. They also make spoon for slightly older children that have ergonomic handles, which make them easier for the children to grip.


Along with the spoons and forks OXO Tot also have really great plate solutions for babies/toddlers. We received a plate that has a silicon grip on the bottom, so it doesn’t slide around and it has a lip around the edge, which also helps to contain the food.


Thank you Oxo Tots for introducing us to these wonderful products and your generosity in the range, we are now big fans and will definitely become a loyal customer.

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