Smartick – an online maths learning platform for children ages 4-14

Smartick is an award-winning, AI-based, online maths programme designed to develop mathematical abilities in children ages 4 to 14. Smartick promotes an understanding of maths through personalised and accelerated learning by adapting to each child’s level and learning pace in real time, allowing them to work according to their maths needs and capability. Each child has a unique and personalised path that constantly adjusts to help fill in learning gaps.

Smartick consists of daily 15-minute sessions, which can be performed anywhere, anytime. Children in over 100 countries are working on Smartick – 94% of whom have seen an improvement in their maths calculation, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Smartick’s real-time adaptability caters to the specific learning ability of each child, continually challenging them without being frustrating. Students earn “ticks” as they work through their sessions, rewarding their hard work.

Why 15 minutes a day?

One of Smartick’s highlights is the short 15-minute sessions. You can implement sessions in the morning, before heading off to school, or after school before working on homework. Smartick before homework? The short sessions can serve as a great warm-up to get kids into a focused mindset. It could also be done anywhere, so a bit of quick practice over half-term, end-of-term breaks and the summer holidays is simple and straightforward to implement. Also:

  • Short practice allows children to maintain maximum concentration
  • It helps create good study habits and routines
  • It avoids burnout and kids are happy to go back to it the next day

Does it follow the UK curriculum?

The Smartick team consists of mathematicians, teachers, psychologists, and many more, who are constantly working to develop the comprehensive curriculum. Smartick’s syllabus is not static and the programme is updated every 5 weeks to improve current exercises and incorporate new content.

We have taken the best research and methodologies from around the world to create the Smartick curriculum, allowing students to work on a breadth of content: arithmetic, logic, reasoning, word problems, and coding. Smartick’s goal is to help each student reach their maximum capacity and avoid restraining them to content based on a specific curriculum.   

More than repetitive questions

At Smartick, we want to go beyond automated calculation and help students become problem solvers and critical thinkers. For this reason, we incorporate real-world problems into each child’s session. Understanding what is being asked requires concentration and analytical skills and as a result, parents who use our platform tell us how they have noticed an improvement in their child’s reading comprehension.

Other than the daily 15-minute sessions, a child can also access the Virtual World filled with gamification elements that help reinforce cognitive skills such as memory, perception, reasoning, and attention. This serves as a reward for children’s hard work and lets them have some fun at the same time!

Why is consistency such an important element in Smartick?

To commit to something and hold ourselves accountable is part of the learning process. This rings true for all academic disciplines: maths, sciences, humanities, and arts. Learning to play the piano requires practice, so does picking up a new language, and of course, so does mastering maths. Practicing once a month, let alone once a week, won’t have much of an impact. Instead, it is the consistent practice that allows us to remember and internalize the processes necessary for learning the E major scale, the Spanish subjunctive rules, or our multiplication tables.

The extra maths practice they put in each day will only help your children down the road. Maybe they won’t become mathematicians when they grow up, but they’ll have strong maths skills (who doesn’t want that?). On top of it all, they’ll become grittier and develop positive habits that translate both in and out of the classroom.

But don’t take it from us…..

“I liked the way that Smartick goes around the learning experience, my daughter really loves her little avatar.”

“I value the performance reviews that I can access every day, and it lets me analyse my son’s improvements.”

“We appreciate all the effort you put in this programme. It’s wonderful. And I know quality costs something.”

“In the last two months I’ve seen how uniquely it focuses on the needs and growth of the individual child in a way that no other maths curriculum we have used has done.”

“The kids like the Virtual World and the ticks reward system! My daughter also looks forward to working on the coding sessions.”

Discover what parents and teachers have to say about their Smartick experience by checking out their testimonials here:

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