National Picnic Week, top tips for Mums

It is National Picnic Week (16th-25th June 2017) make it an excuse to be out out the parks with the kids. Grab your blankets and fill your baskets with yummies and get out to your local park for a good old fashioned picnic. If you are looking to explore new places for your upcoming picnic this weekend or during the holidays,  check out our favourite London parks here.

Here are some Top Tips for busy Mums when packing up for a picnic

Food to prepare and bring for a perfect picnic

We believe finger food to be the best in order to enjoy lunching or snacking without too much “mess” with little ones.

  • Mini pizza or pizza bites
  • stuffed pitta bread with cheese
  • humous dip with carrots, cucumber & other fresh veggies.
  • Cold pasta; either topped with shredded cheese or pesto (a classic)
  • Rice salad: cook your favourite rice and just add some veg and eggs
  • Fruit salad or watermelon which help keep hydrated
  • Make your own flavoured water ( let the kids help preparing)

What to bring

  • Colourful blanket for the whole family
  • Bring your hats and sunscreen
  • “Keep it cool”. Use cool bags or an icebox. This will keep food at the correct temperature to help avoid any risk of food poisoning when outdoors in the heat.
  • Wet wipes and bin bags are a must with babies and toddlers in tow
  • Bring toys; Balls, frisbee and tennis rackets are always a win when out with large groups of children. For the younger babies, books and stuffed toys. We also like to bring UNO card games, its one of our family favourites.
  • Disposable plates, cutlery & cups
  • Speakers for music can turn a simple picnic into a summer party so why not, make a playlist of favourite tunes and get dancing in the park with your friends & little ones.

Leave behind

  • Avoid ice cream, you can buy them from the park or local shop and make this a treat for your little ones.


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