Mums Need Looking after too

I have never shared my personal story and the reason why I created Kensington Mums unless I am asked during interviews. Today I want to share with you my motherhood journey for Mental Health Awareness Week. I think it comes in good timing!

When I had my first baby it occurred to me that I was not the only one struggling with interrupted sleep, being on call 24/7 with no time off. After the arrival of my second baby, the idea of having a bigger network of support came to mind and in a sense created a passion in me to help mums outside my group of friends. Fast forward 4 years and I now run a network support for mums, an award-winning social media site. We look after each other, let each other know about local activities and family days out in London but we also organise ‘mumthly’ events. Did I really say that. Yes I did.

I truly enjoy reaching out to local Mums. For me, it is a rewarding experience helping new Mums not to feel alone once they come home with their little bundle of joy. As a Mum myself, I can relate to the ups and downs of Motherhood.

To me motherhood is the most exhausting yet most rewarding job (I only wish we could get paid for being a full time mama!). Sharing tips, giving each other advice and exchanging ideas are all important in a life of a mother who wants the best for her children. A mother’s instinct is always the best. But when it comes to wellbeing in the stories of mums, this is a subject often overlooked. This is our mental health we are talking about.

We all need the support every now and then.

As a first time Mum, I struggled a lot as I was the first one from my group of friends to have kids. I did not have family around and really found it difficult to transition in my new role as a Mother. I realised there was a lot of activities for babies to do but not much support helping mums to cope with their 24/7 job as a Mum. Creating my support network around me was essential and in a country where you have no family, your friends become family.

That’s also a reason why Kensington Mums has also helped organise the Motherhood Exhibition, part of Story of Mum in 2013 which was also featured at the Museum of Motherhood in New York City and now more recently in Beirut, Lebanon with Mums in Beirut. I’d love for the exhibition to continue a life online.  The aim of this exhibition is to compliment our previous exhibition and encourage mums to engage in this online motherhood project, and increase the feelings of happiness, well-being and belonging and to widen awareness of the complexity, challenges and joys of motherhood. We invite Mums to share what motherhood means to them. And most importantly, to feel good and nurtured and happy, to give that to their little ones. Nurturing and celebrating ourselves is the first step towards nurturing and bringing joy to others.