Motherhood, its an International thing

As you have probably heard, back in June 2013 we organised the Kensington Mums Motherhood Exhibition which took place in June 2013 at the lovely Beaufort House, Chelsea. Over 60 Mums took part in this amazing project where they all shared their motherhood journey. The video can be watched here, (with a nice cup of tea handy once the kids are in bed so it can be enjoyed to the max without any interruptions).

All the Mums completed the sentence ‘ I am a Mum and a …’  on their mini blackboard. This activity is  the brainchild of Pippa from Story of Mum and has already been shared by many Mums around the country and beyond. Its a great activity which allows you to figure out your identity and  who you are once you have become a Mum.

The photographs which can be viewed here taken by the talented Juliana from Captured by Juliana got featured at the Photographer’s Gallery on 18th October 2013 for the Story of Mum: Mum’s make date.

It was such an emotional night, Mums came together to celebrate motherhood and in a way to receive the rare credit we deserve, and a night out! It was so nice to meet, connect and share stories. Activities from Story of Mum included Mama Mash-Ups and edible poetry, and the very popular ‘I am a Mum and…’ activity which was added to the beautiful washing line of powerful words. Five Mums also shared their touching motherhood stories.

Pat Kelman ’s wonderful photos beautifully captured the event.

I left feeling so empowered and blessed to be called ‘Mama’. There is no such thing as being the perfect Mum. What we do is special. We sacrifice, love, hold, cherish our children unconditionally. A Mother’s love is something that no one can explain, but can only be felt.

We are also proud to share with you the the pictures from our Motherhood Exhibition will also be exhibited at the Museum of Motherhood in NYC in December 2013! Thanks to Story of Mum for this great collaboration together, its been great meeting so many different Mums from various cultures and backgrounds all celebrating Motherhood. Its an international thing!

I will leave you to browse through some of the pictures of the night.


If this has inspired you, you are welcome to share your motherhood journey with us at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Motherhood Exhibition which will be held once a month until Jan 2014 culminating with an exclusive invite for International Women’s Day. Make sure you are registered to receive more information.