Motherhood by Natasha Pilbrow


  1. Please introduce yourself: Name, what do you do & how many children you have. 

My name is Natasha Pilbrow and I have two daughters. I’m the co-founder of on-demand beauty app LeSalon. We deliver premium beauty treatments to homes and offices across London, to help people feel their best.

  1. How do you manage to juggle work and life balance as a mother?

I’ve honestly found that the ‘perfect’ work-life balance doesn’t exist. You can only do your best! One thing that helps though is ensuring that when I’m with my family I’m fully present. When we’re spending family time, I keep my phone off until ‘work’ time re-starts, or my children have gone to bed. I want to signal to them that they are my priority, by not having any distractions or only giving them half my attention. 

I also do my best to ensure I leave time for myself, so I can relax and clear my head. I like to use the Calm app for ten minutes a day, and also find that exercise really helps me switch off and achieve balance.

  1. What top tips would you give to any working mum?

First and foremost: never let anyone make you feel like you have to make a choice between being there for your children and professional success. Working hard at a career doesn’t make you a bad mother! 

Second of all, even if you can’t strike the ubiquitous ‘perfect’ balance, don’t beat yourself up. When your children are older, and have a strong work ethic, big ambitions, and can see what a successful career you had, they will understand why you did it and will be proud of you. 

I’d also recommend that if you’re looking to start a new job, or to change employers, make sure that you properly consider how your needs would be met as a mother. This means thinking about the length of the commute, the childcare packages, the annual leave allowance, and the expectations regarding evening and weekend work. Do your research and don’t be reserved when it comes to asking those tricky and important questions.

  1. What do you love most about London?  Do you have a favourite spot with your children? 

Notting Hill is definitely my favourite spot. I have a lot of great memories there, as I lived there in my 20s and early 30s and always enjoyed the pubs, the market, Goldborne Road and the area’s general eclectic vibe. My favourite spot to go with my children is probably Hyde Park, it is beautiful all year round – the girls love the Diana playground and I love the Serpentine.

  1. How do you define quality ‘me-time’? 

Me-time is anything that makes me feel relaxed yet energised, that I can do peacefully by myself. I love a pamper session, like getting a manicure or or my lashes done. That’s always really relaxing. Equally I find exercise extremely energising, and is often the only thing that will pick me up when I’m feeling most tired. I find exercise helps me feel more in tune with my body, which is always a great feeling and is really grounding.

  1. What is your favourite & least favourite thing about parenthood? 

My favourite thing about parenthood is the sheer joy of being able to share my life with these two wonderful people who bring me so much happiness, love and laughter and learn so much through the process of it and my least favourite, although it is definitely better now, is the sleep deprivation that it brings with it.

  1. Tell us something people don’t know about you. 

I was raised in California and I feel it left a lasting impact on me – I love sunshine and light plus the Californian optimism and upbeat attitude to life really resonates for me.

  1. Given we are all about embracing Motherhood, what advice would you give a first time Mum? 

My daughter was born at the beginning of December which meant that we had a period of several weeks after the birth when we were literally cocooned at home – it was as if nothing else existed and the world outside had stopped. I look back on it now as such a unique period of bonding and wish I had cherished it more as it only happens the first time round. Embrace the ups and downs. You might feel tired and worried about doing something wrong, but millions of women become mothers every day and we get through it and learn as we go. Just do your best and make the most of every second, because one day your new baby will be all grown up and you’ll wonder where the time went.


  1.  I’m a mum and……











  1. Finally, please let us know what you love most about Kensington Mums?

I most enjoy your Motherhood Exhibition interviews with other inspiring working women. It’s so important to give women and mothers a platform to shout about their successes and share tips and advice with other women who might be going through similar things.