Motherhood by Lizzie King

How do you juggle work and life balance?
I’m not sure I balance it, but by making my life my work it makes it a whole lot easier. Food is always a key part of our day and always has been, but since work has become more and more intense recently I am having to learn how to switch it off at times.
What do you feel are your biggest achievements?
 My 3 happy, healthy, lovely children are my proudest achievements. It feels pretty big to be writing a cook book too.
Photograph by Charlotte Emily Gray. Backdrop devised by Emma Scott-Child.
Photograph by Charlotte Emily Gray. Backdrop devised by Emma Scott-Child.
What top tips would you give to any mum on publishing her new book?
 It won’t be published until next year, so I’ll get back to you. But starting with your passion would be my tip for now.
What is your favourite family recipe that everyone enjoys to eat?
My Blueberry Buckwheat Banana Pancakes are the most used and the most loved. And nothing beats a lady Sunday sitting together for breakfast in pyjamas and gorging on stacks of piping hot pancakes. It happens every weekend without fail in our house.
What is your favourite hang out in London with your children?
They love the Science Museum, every time and for all ages. Or The Wolseley for a treat breakfast on birthdays has become our tradition over the years. The best breakfast in London.
How do you define quality ‘me-time’?
Anytime spent in silence, I have a long bath in the evening, full of Epsom Salts, and that makes me feel calm and restored for the madness to begin again in the morning.


I am a Mum and…?
Motherhood has made me cherish time, filled me with hope and despair all at once, and made me happier and more fulfilled than I could ever have imagined.

I am a Mum and a Foodie.


What do you love most about London?
 I love London’s beauty and expansiveness. Anything and everything you could want are right at your fingertips.
Where is your ideal family holiday and why?
 My perfect family holiday would be an African adventure, with a beautiful beach for relaxing, animals for the children to marvel at and sea fun to keep everyone busy all day.
Given we are all about embracing our Motherhood journey what advice would you give a frist time Mum?
 It will return to some normality. You will get sleep. You will manage to go out. It will never be the same again, but you’ll never want it to.
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