Motherhood by Lisa Clegg

Lisa Clegg is a mum of 3 and works as a Maternity Nurse advising parents on all aspects of baby care and development. Her first book The Blissful Baby Expert is a valuable resource used by thousands of parents worldwide and she runs a forum and membership advice service on her website to give ongoing support to parents who need it.
1. How do you manage to juggle work and life balance as a mother of 3?
It is a huge juggle to be honest, but the easiest and best way to deal with everything is just one day at a time, leading to one week at a time and so on.
I work most nights so have to leave the house around 7-8pm and don’t return until 8am the next day. I tend to hit the ground running as we have to be out of the door again for the school run by 8:45 latest, so mornings are always quite rushed. Once the children are all at school I can come home and sit down to reply to all the daily parenting emails I receive through the forum and advice service we run. I tend to do jobs in the house at the same time and then 12:30 is usually my switch off time when I go for a nap until the 3pm school run. It’s then busy busy busy with all 3 children home needing help with homework and feeding etc before I leave for work again that evening. Once at work then I do more email replies if the baby is asleep.
Each day I wonder how I’m going to fit everything in, but taking it one day at a time is definitely the best way to approach things here!
2. What do you feel are your biggest achievements?
My children definately, as without them I wouldn’t have learnt so much about caring for babies and have the empathy to offer parents I work with. The fact that I am a mum myself and have been through most of the scenarios they have means they can relate to me when they read my book or email me asking for advice
3. What top tips would you give to any mum on starting her own business?
Don’t give up! If you have something you really believe in and have a passion for and want to let other people know about it, then just keep trying to get your idea or business noticed.
Customer service and word of mouth recommendations are better than any advertising you will ever do, so making sure that you are always respectful and helpful in every way possible, even when people are rude to you, will mean you have more chance of success, as people talk about and recommend you and your business.
 4. What is your top family recipe that everyone loves to eat?
Homemade shepherds pie-especially on a cold winters day! We get the mince and vegetables from our local farm shop and my 4 year old daughter loves to help me cut the onion, mushrooms and carrots and potatoes up to prepare the meal.
Once finished its a real melt in the mouth meal that makes us all feel warm and full.
 5. What is your favourite hang out in London with your children?
My children love visiting all of the tourist attractions in London and just walking round and exploring. Even the tube impresses them as its not something they encounter in their everyday lives.
 6. How do you define quality ‘me-time’?
I do love to read, but don’t get as much time to do it as I used to. I love to get lost in a book and carried away with the plot and characters-the best books are the ones that you just don’t want to put down until you have finished reading it. I read the final Harry Potter book in less than two days when it was first released!
 7. What does motherhood represent to you?
MOTHERHOOD to me MEANS wearing your heart on your sleeve, putting someone else’s needs before and above your own or anyone else’s and being determined to do everything I can to make sure my children are happy and healthy and can grow up knowing I will support them as best I can in the choices they make, as they move into adulthood.
 8. What do you love most about London?
I love how busy London is all the time-you can be out at 3pm or midnight and it’s just as busy with people bustling around and out with friends. Living in a small, quiet village the contrast is huge but a good one to experience each time we come to London.
 9. Where is your ideal family holiday and why?
My husband and I met as teens at a holiday park in Great Yarmouth and we have been back there every year since we met 20 years ago. We have amazing memories there and our children absolutely love going each August bank holiday. It’s a real family annual event with our extended family coming along each year too, so a fab chance for us all to catch up and have some fun and relaxation.
 10. Given we are all about embracing our Motherhood journey what advice would you give a first time Mum?
Trust your instincts!! Lots of people and books will give you various tips and advice and it’s good to take it all on board to help you along the way. But just remember it is YOUR baby though and as the main carer you have to do what YOU feel is right for you all-even if close friends and family may not agree with that.