Motherhood by Katie Piper

1.     How do you manage to juggle work and life balance as a mother? 

It really hard of course but being a working mum is really important to me. I want Belle to grow up seeing me working hard and give her the best values in life and work ethic. Finding the balance is tricky, however I am very strict with my ‘family time’ and that is my priority. I make sure that time with Belle and my husband is in my schedule, whether that is a day at home watching Peppa Pig, baking cakes, a day out at the park / farm / swimming or celebrating special occasions, it’s so important to me to have a healthy balance of family life vs work life.

2.     What is your biggest accomplishment in life? 

My daughter and my husband – also, my charity, The Katie Piper Foundation.

3.     What top tips would you give to any mum on starting her own charity and an autobiography?

WOW – both big tasks. Give it time and passion. Charity is a long, hard ongoing process, however it is so rewarding. My Foundation is my biggest passion and I’ve worked so hard over the last 7 years to make it what it is today, helping burns survivors across the UK. An autobiography is a big task, very rewarding again and very emotional, uncovering things from your past. That said that can be very cleansing and refreshing too!

4.     What piece of advice can you give burn victims, especially to mothers? 

Never let burns define you, you are so much more than those scars and need to teach your children that fact. Also it’s about being a survivor, not a victim.

5.     What is your favourite hang out in London with your daughter? 

Probably a walk in Hyde Park to feed the ducks!

6.     How do you define quality ‘me-time’? 

I find it hard to relax, I actually find exercise the best form of relaxation and stopping my thoughts! That said, I do love a pamper, getting my nails done and a lovely spa visit!

7. I am a Mum and

I am a mum and I am confident (my new book is called ‘Confidence, The Secret’ – it is something really important to me, to have inner and outer confidence).

8.     What do you love most about London? 

The shopping and the mix of cultures!

9.     With the summer holidays fast approaching, what has been an amazing family holiday for you? 

Last summer we went to the Martinhal resort in Portugal – really great for children, Belle loved it!

10. Given we are all about embracing Motherhood, what advice would you give a first time Mum? 

Don’t panic, you’re doing great! My new baby product range with My Babiie is called ‘Believe’. Just to remind new mums that they are doing amazingly well! There’s no rule book, so be the best mum you can be, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.