With 3 children, 1 dog, 2 businesses and another in the pipeline, I haven’t had time to floss let alone get to a gym recently. I don’t envisage much changing in the immediate future. So with time at a premium, I am going to let you in on my go to “hashtag” #momfitnesshacks. Right now you need something simple yet effective you can do at home.

These will work if you work it.

Consistency is key so even if you are doing a gym program , online coaching program or a sport as a hobby these are great easy to do exercises that are simple to fit into your life at home:

Boiling the kettle for another coffee? On average a full kettle takes 3 minutes to boil: perfect time to SQUAT . One squat a second . Thats 180 squats. How many coffees do you have a day? Exactly. Just think “bootay

Carrying the laundry basket from one room to the next? Hold your laundry basket in front of you as high as you can without raising above shoulder level. Then off you go WALKING LUNGES. No skimping. Lunge Deep. And they’re weighted. Double whammy working those shoulders ,while lifting that all important booty. Winning!

Mom Fitness Hacks

Cooking dinner and just standing at the stove? STANDING CALF RAISES . The whole time. Don’t count, just do them whenever you are standing still at the stove or chopping some veg. Your calves are going to turn heads in those summer dresses !

Mom Fitness Hacks

So dinner is on the table and everyone has been called to come and sit down… you’re still waiting? Pull your chair out get out in from of it and do some TRICEP DIPS till everyone arrives. If your kids are like mine you’re going to get quite a few done .

Thirsty work, so get that 2L water bottle out of the fridge. Before you pour: HAMMER CURL TO OVER HEAD PRESS. you only need to do this for 60 seconds for one arm and 60 seconds for the other. Or make sure there are two bottles…No cheating has to be a full bottle! Also works very well with Champagne bottles I find ….

Finally catching up on your FB and IG and see a video? put your phone on the floor and watch it while you do a PLANK. This will be tough, the average video viewing is probably around 2 minutes.You’ll get there it’ll be worth it !

Mom Fitness Hacks

Commercial breaks during your favourite show? SEATED CRUNCHES . You’re on Netflix?? no excuses, opening credits.

And my favourite #momfitnesshack :

Put your favourite songs on, or put silly songs on ( usually best ) , loud as you can stand it and dance with your kids. Really dance. The way they do.

Happy new year !

Mom Fitness Hacks  Janet Gaiao

Janet Gaiao is a fitness and healthy lifestyle coach who specialises in helping busy moms reach their goals.

She has embraced a semi nomadic lifestyle living between London , Athens and Bansko with her husband and two youngest children but dreams of living somewhere further afield , preferably somewhere on a beach , with wall to wall room service and a nanny on speed dial .