Microblading – WOW now I have eyebrows!

It has always been my dream to have proper full eyebrows – as like Cara Delavigne, bushy and thick.

I never had them like hers, but think that probably because I have since very young waxed, tweezed and threaded them they even became slimmer and almost non-extistent. Actually, I even had a spot where there was no hair at all!
So, every time I went to have my eyebrows threaded when I asked to the lady to shape them in an “arched” way she looked at me with a smile and replied: “there is not much I can do since you eyebrows are very thin”.

After doing extensive research and checks and reading about all the possible reviews you can find about Microblading, I decided to go for this life-changing beauty treatment.

I honestly am so happy and the only regret I have is not doing them way before.
I finally meet the one – the beautician that change the shape of my eyebrows hence the overall look of my face – Joanna.

Joanna is a lovely Polish lady that is very conscious and extremely careful plus knowledgeable – the one that you need to have your eyebrows done with!
She is clean and professional and is conveniently located in Queensway.
Her touch and “bedside manners” are impeccable. The day of the appointment I was a little nervous as I was thinking how was I going to look afterwards, if this will change the whole look on my face and people will not recognise me, let alone the fact that I did not mentioned I was doing this to my partner!

So, I sat on her comfortable chair and she applied the numbing cream. We then waited for c. 40 min to have a full effect to numb the area. She then cleaned and remove the numbing cream off and with a ruler and marker carefully marked and then painted what would be the new shape of my eyebrows. She then showed me in a mirror and I was content with the shape and look of the eyebrows.
Then the procedure started, Joanna’s hands are amazing, it did not hurt at all and when it did she reapplied more numbing cream. I do have to admit that the only thing that was not that pleasant was that you hear a scratch which is your skin being cut but if you are not conscious about this the whole procedure is painless and goes by very quickly.
Then you are off to see the new you as you have after less than one hour the eyebrows of your dreams.

The aftercare is easy and the most important thing is not to do the following:

  • don’t wet the eyebrows and try to keep them as dry as possible
  • dont exercise or sweat
  • dont go to saunas or pools
  • dont put make -up on the eyebrows for at least 10 days
  • place only after 3 days a moisturising cream (not oils)
  • dont peel off the flaky skin as this can remove the pigment of your eyebrows

Only after 4 to 6 weeks when the skin has full healed go back for a touch-up and to correct any missed spots, if any.

Review written in full honesty by Kensington Mums team members. Not sponsored, just a happy mummy sharing tips and recommendations with another mummy friends.

Below is the full information of Joanna and how to reach her:
MesoSkin Clinic
Mobile: 07506903914
email: [email protected]
website: www.mesoskinclinic.com