Mesopotamian Delicatessen in Kensington | Review

Mesopotamian Delicatessen in Kensington

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Fancy Mesopotamian Delicatessen served with a lot of love?

Kensington Mums had the pleasure to visit and taste delicious food, made with pure love and dedication, at this lovely family owned cafe. Babajani is right in the heart of trendy Notting Hill. A true gem of a place and a must visit!

Both owners, Kristian and Ghino want you to feel at home as they believe that food tastes better when enjoyed with family and friends and this is exactly how they make you feel as soon as you enter their cosy lovely place. We love their story, with family at the core of that they believe in. You can read about it here.


The Décor

This lovely café is able to offer some outside seating for those of you who feel more comfortable and safe with the “new normal” and do “al fresco” dinning weather permitting.
The décor is an open plan kitchen place that makes you feel as if you are entering their own kitchen and you can see how the owners and their lovely staff are doing their magic and preparing delicious dishes right in front of your eyes.  There are a 5 tables available and the last one, towards the back of the restaurant, feels like a booth.

Overall the café’s ambiance has this distinct homey, cozy and friendly feeling, which we love. Whether you are dining “solo” or with family and friends I can guarantee you will start a conversation with the nice staff or that you will make new friends or see familiar faces from the hood. It is indeed a happy place where you can meet friends or make new ones as everyone is friendly and ready to engage in a conversation.


Our Experience

As soon as I entered the café, with my 2 year old son, I was warmly greeted by Kris, who was behind the counter, as if we have known each other for ages. Then Gigi came and introduced herself, shortly after she started telling me their fascinating story and how driven by their passion they created this magical place. Kris, who has an educational background, had always wanted to have his own place where he could delight friends and family with his homemade cooking. And so, as we know women can be powerful and encouraging, Ghino pushed him to make his dream come true and voilà! Babajani is now his dream come true, nestled right in their own familiar hood where they both grew up and now continue to raise their own family. Like they say, their cuisine is an extension of Gigi’s mother’s kitchen with a fusion of Jamaican cuisine as Kris‘s background is Jamaican.

Mesopotamian Delicatessen in KensingtonOnce we were seated, Ghino was so kind and gave my son a colouring book and some markers – such a nice touch and truly she is a mother, knowing how to entertain a toddler, especially when our little one is going through the terrible twos – it can get very frustrating and also annoying for the staff and other patrons but both remained calm and made me feel at ease as they completely understood.

I simply loved the whole experience! Almost every 5 minutes, during our stay, there was someone entering the café and with a friendly hello ordering their usual dish! Already this positive vibe makes you feel great and you immediately know, from the start, that the food must be delicious as locals come over and over again.

We were delighted to try their awesome breakfast menu that is served every Friday to Saturday. They use premium free range eggs and are happy to substitute them with grilled veggies catering to all vegans. Every single item in their breakfast menu is so appealing, that it was hard to decide what to order. From “Golden Mulberry Porridge with plant based milk and Iranian Tumeric to Kurdish Style Eggs or Green Shakshuka Eggs or Avocado Aleppo Chili eggs , finally we decided to try their “Full Kurdish dish” with sausage, bacon and salami, and WOW! What an explosion of flavours this plate is! It is served with fresh pita to dip in, and trust me you will want to lick the pan it comes served in as it is sooo delicious. We also couldn’t stop ourselves from ordering their famous bowls one with chicken and the other with falafel. They are served with fresh veggies, lovely creamy hummus and a salad with a citrus dressing that was out of this world! Both bowls were to die for!

For drinks, we had their freshly squeezed orange juice with pomegranate another colourful refreshing treat for our palate.

We love their Motto: “At Babajani we believe that food tastes better with family and friends.” We totally agree.

Kensington Mums Review

This is a place where you know that whatever you order you will be very happy as it is food for the soul and the best is that they will make any amendments to just to please you.

The food is cooked with so much love that you can really taste it and it is the perfect combination with the ambience they provide to have the best meal ever.

A real must go to place – I know I will be back very soon!
Well done Kris and Gigi!!! You both are a true inspiration as a family and business owners.
Let’s support local and dine at this amazing lovely place – you can thank us later 😉

Address: 322a Portobello Road London, W10 5RU
Opening hours : MON – SAT: 8:30AM – 6:00PM
SUN: 10:00AM – 5:00PM
Phone: 07415 535 791

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