Merci Maman Personalised Jewelry

Personalised gift for Mums.

We happily received a personalised ‘Duchess necklace‘ and the sterling silver ‘tree of life‘ chain bracelet.


We couldn’t help but let you know how gorgeous these were on us.

Dina’s review

I choose the tree of life personalised chain with love is all you need as its a real symbol of what life is about. I also had the initial of my husband and my kids on it as well for that extra touch. I have loves wearing it as its very practical and goes with my work-life balance perfectly.




Nathalie’s review

I couldn’t be happier with my Merci maman duchess’s necklace, personalised with mine & my husbands initials as well as my son’s full name. 

I have received many compliments for it from many mums and friends who now want to buy one. 

I also like the packaging that
the necklace came in, I found it different from the usual jewellery boxes. It came in a small orange box, which I will happily keep forwhen (and if) I am not wearing it. 

Merci Maman have a wide range of jewelry to choose from, different sizes and colors too. I chose gold and I must say it has been hard to take off since I receive it, it is so beautiful and goes with everything.

Merci maman personalized gifts are perfect for mums, dads, children, friends and everybody; if fact they are the perfect gift for everyone on a special occasion.