Medication for your Vacation

Today’s contributing article is by Mummycleverdoc who is a mother to 2 girls, and a NHS doctor specialising in Cardiology. She shares with us her top tips for what essential medication to pack when going on holiday with kids. Read her article on MMR, here.

While I search desperately for an idyllic destination to travel to over the Christmas holidays, I can’t help but think of the two main obstacles that stop me from booking a month long getaway…no not Alyvia and Sophia! 1) Travelling with children and 2) Travelling with sick children. I have no control over 1) but can certainly try to avoid 2).

In the CleverDoc household, our travel medicinal essentials are the first things we pack away into our suitcases. These items have become our saviour when dealing with poorly children while on holiday.

1. Saline drops and Nasal Aspirator

Listening to your child having breathing difficulties as a result of nasal blockage is the last thing you want to hear while trying to sleep . These 2 used together are a match made in heaven! The saline drops are to be used prior to the aspirator to soften any hard/dry discharge.

I usually administer this when they are lying down, leave it for 30 seconds or so and then use the nasal aspirator to physically suck out the discharge.

2. Calpol Plug-in, Baby Vicks

Another adjunct to help maintain breathing relief. The plug-in helps to release continuous vapours overnight to help clear airways…be sure to take a travel adaptor!

3. Calpol and Ibuprofen

This is an obvious one and is used to help reduce fever and treat general pain relief. Calpol can be used every 4-6hours and Ibuprofen every 8 hours. They can be used at the same time but I find I get the best results if I alternate the two over 24hrs. Here is an example:-

This way I know there is something in their body constantly working to keep the fever down.

4. Diarolyte/Oral Rehydration Solution

Diarrhoea and vomiting can occur whilst away and on most occasions, it can be managed with simple rehydration alone. If there is dehydration present however, then it is advised to give oral rehydration solutions such as diarolyte.

Most symptoms usually resolve within a week.

Signs of dehydration are a dry mouth, dry nappies, concentrated urine or a sunken fontanelle in babies.

5. Flannels and a Hypoallergenic Moisturising Solution

Sunburn is an unpleasant thing to suffer from however, the best way to treat it is by soothing the area with a flannel soaked in cool water and applying either aloe vera gel or a good hypoallergenic moisturiser to prevent itching or irritation. We like to use Aveeno lotions for this.

6. Mosquito Patches

The risk of Dengue Fever and Malaria is present in some South Asian and tropical areas and can lead to serious complications. Mosquito bites are something you want to avoid at all costs! We like to be prepared by applying mosquito patches to the buggy, bed, table basically anywhere near the children without directly placing it on their skin. We use patches that are DEET-free.

There you have it! My succinct but vital list!

If you are going away this winter, be safe, be prepared and enjoy!

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