Matcha + Beyond – REVIEW

It’s pouring it down with rain in what is a typical London summer day when we get into an oasis or green and pink in the middle of fashionable Kings Road.
Matcha+Beyond is a new premium cafe, offering the top end Matcha drinks and treat with great focus on wellness.

The cafe owner, Olivia, is a nutritionist by trade and perfectly knows what to offer to her health focus clientele. She explained to us how she worked on tweaking one of her favorite cakes, the red velvet, to make it less sugary. Definitely still mega indulgent but the sugar is not overpowering anymore. And we can guarantee the taste is top because it’s the first thing we ordered. It did taste as good as it sounds.

The lunch menu’ is a mix of classics (their signature frittata and avo on toast) and more inventive dishes such as a rainbow tartine. You have a choice between sourdough and gluten free bread (yes, they did think of everything!).

The drinks selection is amazing. And their barista have been specifically trained to make the perfect matcha. Indeed, it’s the best matcha I have tried in London. They offer every type of milk – so if you are dairy intolerant you are spoilt for choice.

And finally, the sweet treats as per matcha tradition (matcha is always accompanied by a small sweet treat/cake). Their matcha and white choc cookies are a best seller – easy to think why, delicious and not too sweet. It’s a winning combo! And we had to try their chocolate fondant – a gorgeous melting choc tower with a heart of matcha.

They also offer a delicious soft serve matcha and vanilla ice cream. Perfect for those summer days.

The cafe is also beautiful, every little detail extremely well executed – an Instagram dream! It brightened up the greyest of day. What a stunning addition to the neighborhood!