Mango Tree Christmas Menu Review

After having been to Eddie Lim’s authentic Chinese restaurant, Chai Wu in Harrods, Kensington Mums were delighted to be invited to Mango Tree to try out their Christmas Menu.

The restaurant is situated in Belgravia and serves authentic, fresh Thai cuisine, which both myself and Dina love and couldn’t wait to try. As in all his restaurants, Mr Lim’s priority is freshness of ingredients and he prides himself in not using MSG in any of his recipes.


The staff at Mango Tree were very welcoming and attentive. We had a lovely bright table close to the window, which we really liked.
Mango Tree Interior 005

The restaurant is very spacious and looked great with the all the beautiful Christmas decorations and there was music playing in the background, which put us in the festive spirit.

As we sat down, one of the waiters came to assist us and go through the Christmas tasting menu. He made sure to ask if we had any allergies or if we were intolerant to any of the ingredients we could have found in the dishes they were going to serve.
They also showed extra attention to me be being pregnant, asking exactly how cooked I wanted my food and if I was ok with spicy food.


Before we started our meal, we both ordered the most delicious alcohol free fruity cocktail. It was the Mango Tree Paradise, which is made with fresh mango juice, fresh orange juice and a fresh 3 berries fruit juice. It was exquisite and refreshing.

As starter, they served us a platter of four Thai delights; Grilled King Scallops, Duck spring rolls, Soft shell Crab and honey marinated Lamb Ribs. It was a great assortment of produce and flavours

We started with the scallops, which were cooked to perfection and served with a Thai spicy garlic sauce. I thought it was the perfect amount of heat to tickle your taste buds but not so much that it over powered the beautifully cooked scallops.

We followed with the Crispy Soft shell crab which didn’t disappoint. In fact I was happy to taste the crab had the ‘crispiness’ it promised and it was a treat to have with the salt and chilli dressing.

The two meat starters were just as delicate and tasty. Whilst Dina couldn’t get enough of the spring rolls that were filled with roast duck minced meat, I indulged in the sweet tasting lamb ribs. The spring rolls were crispy on the outside and wonderfully smooth in the inside whilst the ribs were delightfully tender and sweet.

Pad Thai Senjan 02

The main course was also a mixed selection of meat and fish. We were served a smoked Turkey stir-fry with vegetables and a black bean sauce. There was a slow cooked beef brisket in a rich massaman curry sauce. For the fish and seafood there was a baked sea bass marinated in Thai herbs and Grilled tiger prawns served with spicy tomato sauce. Streamed Thai jasmine rice and a delicious Pad Thai accompanied all of this.

We thought that everything was well cooked and tasty, but the Beef brisket in the rich Massaman Curry sauce particularly blew both Dina and me away. The beef was just amazing, full of flavour and wonderfully tender, it would melt in your mouth with every bite. The sauce was rich, sweet and light at the same time, a truly perfect combination.

Another dish that I really enjoyed was the baked sea bass marinated in Thai spices and dill. The fish was presented in ‘banana’ leaf parcels, which I thought looked beautiful. The fish was very well cooked and the use of spices was very well balanced.

And when we really thought we couldn’t eat anymore, we were served two beautiful looking Mango cheesecakes. Cheesecake is one of my favourite but this was so much more than just a cheesecake, served with a mix berry jelly layer on the top and accompanied by lychee sorbet.

All the food at Mango Tree was presented so beautifully. Presentation is so important when it comes to food, it has to look delicious as well as taste delicious. Mango tree manages to match the two perfectly.

The whole experience at Mango Tree was great from start to finish. It is a restaurant that I really enjoyed. I especially thought that the effort they put in to make it festive around Christmas was a nice touch. The service, the food, the attention to detail makes it a place I want to return to as a date night or even as a family.

Don’t miss their Christmas lunch menu. You will be amazed!

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