Making teething more fun and colorful with Nibbling

When my first son started teething, I went out and bought all sorts of teething toys and accessories I could find as well as all the gels and homeopathic drops and powders to try and help him get through it without suffering too much.

I bought the rubbery giraffe, the plastic ring you put in the freezer as well as the soft silicon teddy, rabbit, dog, ball and so on. I bought EVERYTHING I was recommended by friends who had been through the teething days with their babies before me as well as everything new I came across in chemists or children’s shops. But for some reason, it didn’t matter what I bought, my son wanted to chew on my necklaces, bite my fingers and out of frustration just pull my hair.

This reminded me of when I had cats. Didn’t matter how much money I spent on toys and accessories for them to scratch on, they wanted to play with my socks and destroy the sofas!

So, fast forward to two years and a few months later, when my daughter started going through the teething period, I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t want to buy all those things again but at the same time I felt awful to just leave her hurting without even trying with her. I started with the gels and powder from the chemist first and then slowly gave in with the plastic teething toys to freeze. I immediately realized she wasn’t a big fan of any of these and noticed she was going for anything she found in the flat instead.

When Emily Sutter, owner of Nibbling approached us I was really excited to learn more about her baby safe teething products and possibly collaborate with her. Her background was artistic and her story inspiring. A mum of three children all under five years old runs her own business creating safe, fun, playful and colourful jewellery for mums to wear and children to use as soothers. I HAD TO MEET HER!

When Emily found out I had a little girl and she was at the perfect age for her products, she generously offered to send me a selection of her products to try out and enjoy. When I received the delivery I couldn’t have been more excited.

I really loved the packaging. Each product came in stylish plastic handbags in different shapes and sizes depending on the product.


The first I opened was a necklace. The Greenwich necklace is ‘Elegant and functional made of shaped food safe silicone – soft and safe for babies to chew on’. It comes in different colours but the one I had was grey’. I wasn’t too sure of the colour at first. I like bright colours and the grey was a little plain but I didn’t take long for me to love it. The grey is such a neutral colour, which worked perfectly with every outfit. My nibbling necklace became my everyday piece of jewellery and my girls favourite one too. She enjoyed playing with it and I believe it really helped her with her teething. Even my son enjoyed playing with it as I wore it.


With that came one of the Nibbling teething toys: a Rattle Ring in grey and yellow. My daughter loved that instantly. The rattling sound kept her entertained and I found the round shape great as I could use it as a bracelet and my daughter could play with it as I wore it. I found it particularly useful when I travelled. I recently had to take a flight to Italy from London alone with the two children. As I pushed the trolley with the suitcases, the pram and my son on it, my daughter was restless on the sling so I wore the toy as a bracelet, which rattled as I moved and it kept her entrained and happy as long as I got on the plane, which made me one Happy Mummy!!!!


I also received a dummy clip, ‘which safely guards your baby’s dummy of choice, whilst providing them with chewing relief during teething’. My girl loves playing and biting on them. They come in blue, pink and other rainbow versions.


Emily was so kind to think about my son too and sent me a silicon blue placemat for him. Blue is his favourite colour and he loved it. The placemat has a built in plate with different compartments for different foods, which are my favourite. I think it’s important for little ones to explore their food and try different things together, mixing flavours and textures as they please. After using it a few times son felt he was too old for that now, he likes to use plates and forks that mummy and daddy use so he passed it on to his sister who couldn’t be happier with it.

After having used some of Nibbling products I went on the Nibbling website to see more and was amazed by the numerous products Emily has created.

Nibbling has a wide range of teething products in different colours and shapes for boys and girls. Colourful silicon cars, cute elephants and hippos, teething toys can be strapped in buggies and car seats as well, which are parent’s saviours when out and about with little ones.

I found the jewellery for mums to be a fabulous idea, but Nibbling also created a new children’s jewellery range with all the safety features of the Nibbling Necklaces in Mini sizes. 
 This way mummy and daughter can go out with matching necklaces and bracelets making any little girl feel like a prices and happy to like mummy.

About Nibbling Jewellery

“Nibbling baby safe necklaces and bracelets are made with 100% food grade silicone (similar to pacifiers & bottle nipples) safe and soft enough to chew”.


“Nibbling silicone is free from: BPA, Phthalates, heavy metals such as Lead and Arsenic. Necklaces have a breakaway clasp for added safety. Nibbling necklaces are tested at independent labs in the US and EU and meet or exceed product safety standards”.


“Nibbling products are not just fun and useful but also easy to wash. All products can be cleaned with dish soap & water and are heat resistant for dishwashers and, microwave & freezer.”

Thank you Emily for introducing us to Nibbling. It has turned teething days more fun and colourful and I will definitely be surfing the website for gifts to my mummy friends and their teething babies in the future.

Check out Nibbling website to find out more and for fabulous gift ideas.


*Features review