London’s most popular laundry app helps London Mums discover more free time

It’s not a massive revelation for most London mums that they spend longer doing boring household chores than they’d really like – but it can be surprising just how much time you spend on chores every week. Did you know the average family spends over five hours on laundry alone every week? That’s thousands of hours of your life spent sorting, washing, folding and ironing when you could be spending quality time with your kids or just recuperating from an already busy day.

Thankfully, that’s where on-demand apps like Laundrapp come to the rescue by giving you a way to outsource your laundry quickly and efficiently – with free collection and delivery at a time and place that suits you.

Laundrapp helps London mothers reclaim those missing five hours every week and, at the same time, gets rid of the extra hassles of doing laundry in London. That means there’s no more noisy washing machines to wake up the baby or radiators blanketed in drying clothes – there’s just a professional Laundrapp Agent ready to make your life easier!

How Laundrapp Works

How it works is simple: just place an order online. Laundrapp will then send an Agent to collect your clothes at a time and place you choose, then take them to be professionally cleaned at local, long-established facilities.

Unlike high-street dry cleaners and laundry services, Laundrapp only partners with prestigious facilities that can deliver the highest quality. Then, when the clothes are cleaned, they’re bought back at a time and place that suits you.

If it sounds straightforward then it’s because it is – Laundrapp is a modern day laundry service and its available seven days a week!

Best of all, collection and delivery is completely free – and you can even order when you’re out and about if you download Laundrapp for iPhone, iPad and Android.

A modern day dry cleaning service on your phone

Another big frustration Laundrapp solves is the hassle of finding and taking your clothes to a local dry cleaner to get suits, duvets and specialty items cleaned professionally – which is especially difficult for parents with small children.

If you’re tired of trying to find a local dry cleaner that’s fast, reliable and friendly then Laundrapp may be the answer you’re looking for – especially with such competitive dry cleaning prices too. Laundrapp has regular special offers but even the standard dry cleaning prices are competitive for London, with dry cleaning available from just £1.50 per item!

In fact, the only real question is, if you’re saving an extra five hours every week by giving your laundry to Laundrapp, what will you do with the extra time? Personally, we’d recommend popping along to one of the excellent Kensington Mum events!

Order clean clothes today at and use code KENSINGTONMUMS  for £10 off your first order too!