Liv Restaurant, Belgravia | Review

The Décor and location

Liv is located in lovely Belgravia right off Sloane Square. It has a beautiful inviting white façade that is very welcoming, this being winter it was dark already and the restaurant is delicately lit outside. I am sure that during daytime it is lovely to see the sunshine pouring through the windows and a beautiful spot to see the people walking past.

From the moment my Mum , son and I entered we felt the relaxing ambience made by their comfortable bright yellow cushions against which it was a delight to sit back and enjoy a lovely dining experience. The walls have mirrors and very delicate paintings. There is a lower floor where you can enjoy a drink as they have a bar and it can be used for a secluded dining as there are not that many tables as in the main dining area.

The Service

As soon as we entered Anotnino greeted us in a very friendly manner and immediately allowed us to select the table of our choice. As I was dining with my toddler who was sleeping he kindly offered me assistance with the pushchair and suggested a table in the corner of the restaurant that was a superb choice. Please do consider this amazing restaurant if you have children as it is a child friendly restaurant they even offer a children’s menu during the day time with 4 different options. Overall the service was outstanding as Antonino and the other gentlemen who served the food were very attentive throughout the whole time. The executive chef Damien Monley, came to our table and chatted with us and told us about the restaurant as well as the fact that he goes back and forth to his home country Australia where he has other 2 restaurants. One of them is the influential all- day Flat White Café in Sydney’s upmarket Woollahra. He came to the table twice and escorted us to the door when we left the restaurant.

The Food

We started off with some cocktails as suggested by Antonino , he recommended the

LIV Spritz prepared with Elderflower liqueur, Prosecco, fresh mint, and soda it is a very delicate and refreshing drink, which I highly recommend. I had the Ginger Margherita which has Tequila, Cointreau, lime and ginger syrup with salt on the rim a can’t go wrong drink that did an excellent job as we built on a good appetite.

Their menu varies slightly as you can enjoy a vibrant breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. The dinner menu is divided into Nibbles, Small Plates, Pasta, Larger Plates, Sides, and Sweets. For Kids they offer Scrambled Eggs with toast, Mini Cheese Burger with chips, and Grilled Chicken with chips and broccoli and Pasta pomodoro, which is with tomatoes. All these sounded lovely but as my son is such a fuzzy eater there were nothing from this menu he was going to eat. So I asked if they could make a smaller version of their chicken schnitzel and they were so kind they made it and also altered the recipe as they did not add the capers, parsley or lemon but simply served it plain accompanied by shoestring fries which he devoured with gusto and made me very happy to see him eating as it is very hard to please my son when it comes to food! This is what made the whole experience an unforgettable one as they really went the extra mile to offer me this for my son, which made him and myself very happy. Needless to mention they prepared it very fast and my son did not have to wait too long for his food.

From the Nibbles section we chose the pumpkin & sage Arancini with aioli, which were delicious and very tasty so much so that even my son had a bite and trust me this, is massive for him as he only eats Schnitzels and potatoes!

From the Small Plates section we had the mini crab brioche rolls with café de Paris butter and also the Tuna Tartar this was by far my favourite one! The tuna was so fresh that it melted in our mouths and was divinely seasoned with Ponzu sauce and small pieces of avocado.

From the Larger Plates sections we ordered the 17-Hour Wagyu Beef that comes with Japanese salad and Wafu dressing. It was very tender and cooked to perfection.

We also had the Sea Bass with Boulangere potatoes that came on a bed of spinach. The fish was just lovely, moist and with attender flavour, melting in your mouth and the potatoes were delicious, I am a potato lover and these were fantastic. We had a glass of red wine that paired beautifully with the 17- Hour Wagyu Beef and a glass of white wine that enhanced the sea bass dish perfectly.

We were already pleasantly satisfied but couldn’t resist trying something from the Sweets menu. We ordered their Apple Crumble with vanilla bean ice cream that came piping hot and their out of this world Treacle Tart with clotted cream ice cream, now this one was another winner for us and moreover for my son who even ate the ice cream which is something that is not common for him to have as he always found ice cream too cold.

We can’t recommend this place enough. It really ticks all the boxes in terms of outstanding friendly service, décor, delicious fresh tasty food and amazing ambience.

We will be back very soon to try the breakfast menu!