Little One’s First Haircut at Trotters | Review

I remember when I was little and my mum wanted to cut my hair… it was the worst punishment I ever received. Even if she bought me a special reward gift after my appointment it was still a waking nightmare! I guess this stayed with me until today.

This is why I feel it’s important to make your little one’s first haircut special. For parents as well as for the children it really needs to be a great experience.  I am glad to say that Trotters, High Street Kensington made ours a very special one and one that I will remember forever.  More importantly my son enjoyed it so much, he will happily revisit the experience!

When we arrived, the hair stylist greeted us in a very friendly way – from the start, happily bonding with my son. Making me (the nervous mum) relax and assuring that she was going to be nice, gentle and, most importantly, careful whilst cutting his hair.
The decor of the place is simply amazing; with a huge fish tank where the little ones are mesmerised looking at the colourful fish swimming in front of them. There are also plenty of books available for them to look at and be entertained with if needs be.
The stylist very gently placed a colourful fish-adorned apron on him and quickly started wetting his hair. She asked me what style I was looking for for my son’s haircut. I was very pleased that she listened and adhered to what I asked of her. I told her that I wanted simply to shape the hair as it was his first time. She cut the first strand of hair  placed it in a little bag for me to keep – a very touching gesture that I loved, as I was ready to ask forsome strands to take with me.

Throughout the whole cutting session the stylist remained extremely sweet, playful andprofessional with my little one. I felt very relaxed and was not worried that she was going to accidentally cut my son or hurt him. On the contrary they are very professional brilliant with children.

Best of all, at the end of his appointment they give him a diploma to take away stating that is was an honour to cut my son’s hair. They also gave him a sticker and a chocolate coin.

I will definitely return to Trotters for his second haircut. Needless to say, I highly recommend them.

Read more about Trotters Hairdressing here, you can even book your appointments online.

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