Legoland Windsor Review


We were invited* for a family day out at Legoland Windsor over the summer holidays.

For families with little ones, this is a must do theme park, children can’t help but like it.

The park is a child’ s dream!

Here is what we thought of our visit:

  • Long queues. As expected the queues were long (over an hour on some rides) but the rides so much fun and entertaining, except for one (Pirate Falls Dynamite Drench) which actually had mechanical problems while we were on it. Luckily we were not at the top of the steep decent, which otherwise would have been an adventure by itself. After a bit of time being stuck in the boat, we got moving again.
  • Bring snacks and nibbles. While waiting big and little ones will want to either eat or drink something, so do bare that in mind while packing your bags. Some of the rides did have a mini kiosk while you are queuing and you can buy drinks or ice cream.
  • Do your research. On directions to get there, opening hours, parking ticket, entry tickets etc… You can save on ticket prices if you book them early and they also sometimes have 2 for 1 offers.
  • New at Legoland.  Legoland have introduced the q-bot. Why Q when Q-bot Can? The q-bot is a ride reservation device and it allows you to virtually reserve your place in the queue line for your favourite rides without having to physically stand in line! This is a sanity saver but does come with a hefty price which is based on a per person charge. We didn’t personally rent one out on the day.
  • Great entertainment while queuing.  After all Legoland is an entertainment park for kids. Some of the rides, had tables of lego pieces for children to amuse themselves and keep entertained.

  • For little top gear fans. Go on the driving school where  little ones get a crash course on driving skills, drive an electric car around a realistic course and can even get their ‘legoland’ driving license!

  • Plan ahead.  Most come with a height restriction for little ones. There are also scheduled shows and events on special days, so do check these out before your visit.
  • Come prepared.  Take a towel and swimwear or waterproofs as you will get wet on some of the rides and definately if you plan a visit to Duplo Valley Splash Park.
  • First impressions. Staff are generally positive and helpful though they seem to go through their duties without a great deal of enthusiasm.
  • Food. Not the very best, expensive and the lady in front of us had a worm in her slush puppy which can be clearly seen from the outside transparent cup. Yuk! If you can bring your own picnic it will save you time queuing and money.
  • Toilets. These were very clean and very family friendly with baby changing facilities. Thumbs up
  • Great service. Legoland also do have a concierge on site in case of emergencies or if you need any diapers or female hygiene products.  They were helpful and nice. Sometimes us Mums pack everything for the kids and forget our essential items.
  • In the news. we recently saw this in the News and wanted to share with youI


  •  Family ride to end the day. This must be Fairy Tale Brook which can be enjoyed by all the family on a gentle boat trip, seeing yor fairy tale characters in Lego giant size.




All in all, it was a great family day out. Little ones will sleep utterly shattered but with smiles on their faces, bags of lego and great memories.

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For more information on Legoland Windsor, please visit their website.

* press tickets. Views are 100% honest