Kensington Palace Family Fantastical

What a lovely way to spend some time outdoor on a beautiful summer evening. Set out in the magnificent gardens of Kensington Palace, the From Baroque to Rock concert has a lot to offer. As the door opened one hour before the start of the show, you had time to share food and drinks with your friends, before enjoying a wonderful tribute to contemporary music, revisited by classical theme composer Benjamin Tassie
The programme of music counted no less than 12 songs, from Paranoid Android based on the Radiohead version, to Fame based on the David Bowie version, not to forget the incredible Halo based on the BeyoncĂ© version – my absolute favourite.

Kensington mums were delighted by the show, and are so looking forward for future episodes.

The Kensington Palace Family Fantastical held on the Orangery Lawns is an excitement for both parents and children. At just under 60 minutes, The Sleeping Beauty version of the English National Ballet has the perfect format, it keeps the kids and their parents entertained and dazzled trhoughout. The 25/30 min experience ran by the science museum team after the show, was interactive and educational. Children laughed while they learnt about explosions and movement forces.

Kensington mums can’t wait for what’s coming up next at Kensington Palace!