Kensington Mums supports Race for Life

Kensington Mums is a proud to be a group leader for Race for Life.


The Kensington Mums team will be joining Race for Life on 14th of July 2013 to help raise funds for Cancer Research UK‘s life-saving work into preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer. Like many of Race for Life’s 10,000 walkers, our team has personal reasons for taking part. You are welcome to join us, just click here to know how.

The founder Dina of Kensington Mums, shares her story.

‘I am taking part in Race for Life to do something amazing and to help save lives. As a mum, we sometimes get fed up with all the responsibilities, routine with school runs and housework, but one cannot realise the true meaning of life until something bad hits them. I come across many sad stories of patients but sometimes also inspiring ones from cancer survivors. It is these moments which make you appreciate life and not worry and argue about the little things. I have signed up for Race for Life for all the cancer survivors, their families and their friends as I know the difficult time they can go through’.

A big thank you goes to all the participating Mums, here they share their story with us

Magali Estela, mum of 2

‘I am taking part in Race For Life 5K in memory of my mum, Blanca Rosa who was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in March 2011… in November of the same year mum was diagnosed with Secondary Brain Cancer and her beautiful life was taken from us in December 2011, just before Christmas. Please help us with this great cause and sponsor as much as you can.  Lung Cancer is the second most common cancer in the UK, with around 108 people being diagnosed every day. The good news is that lung cancer rates in the UK are dropping thanks to fewer people smoking. Cancer Research UK is funded entirely by amazing supporters like yourselves. By sponsoring us lovely Kensington Mum you can help more people who are battling with cancer, recovering from it and also those families who have lost someone to cancer. Thanking you all in advance’.

Charlie Edwards mum of 1

‘I am taking part because I have always been inspired by the thousands of people who run Race For Life, but for some reason I convinced myself that I couldn’t do it myself. My goal this year, in almost every aspect of my life is to ‘Do Things That I Think I Can’t Do’. So here I am, feeling empowered, and joining these amazing women in the fight against Cancer!

Zainab Kubba Mum of 3

‘I am taking part in Race for Life to prove to myself that even though I am a mum of 3 I can still kick butt for a great cause! ‘


Itsuki Kuroda Mum of 1

‘I am taking part in Race for Life for my friend who had breast cancer and dedicated all her life to children in special needs and neglected animals in shelters. She is my hero and I miss her a lot’.


Zalfa Hanna, Mum of 1

‘I am running for all the friends and family who have been affected by this horrible disease. I hope to make a difference even if small.’

Dina al Hilfi, Mum of 2

‘I am running in the name of my grandmother who dies of cancer and to help to one day find a prevention’.

By sponsoring our team, we can unite and create a force that cancer can’t ignore. As a team we aim to raise £1,000.

Cancer, we’re coming to get you. Run, walk, dance or sponsor Kensington Mums Team at

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