Kensington Mums Review: Jessica’s Recipe Bag

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by Jessica Recipe Bag before their official launch to try out and test their service. They sent me two recipe bags filled with fresh vegetables and ingredients with surprise recipes

Each bag had a total of four recipes including chicken, meat, fish and vegetarian dish.

Everything was so well labelled, fresh and easy to follow.

They deliver the bag on an agreed day and time and everything is pre-chilled.

Overall this is a good service and time saving for busy Mums who prefer having their dinner delivered straight to their door and be handed a bag bursting with fresh ingredient and exciting nutritionally balanced recipes without the hassle of stepping out and shopping at your local supermarket after a busy day at work or without having to tag your little one along.

Cooking with your little one is also a great way to explore new tastes and flavours. Here are some of the dishes Kensington Mum cooked up.

 Puy Lentils with new potatoes and parsley dressing

Spicy lamb with herb couscous and spinach

Vegetable and Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie

One tiny thing, I would have preferred having the meat, fish and chicken in a chilled bag with ice pack for better storage. Also, not knowing what will be included in the bag may not appeal to someone who wants to plan their weekly meals or in case of fussy eater and preferences/allergies.


If you would like to try out Jessica Recipe bags, just quote ‘KENSINGTONMUMS‘ and ¬†this will give you 50% off your first 3 bags.


Happy cooking!


Disclosure: Kensington Mums was sent two recipe bags free of charge for review. No payment was received for this post. All posts are 100% honest.