Kensington Mums pamper morning

Two weeks ago, we all gathered at the lovely Neal’s Yard Remedies in the heart of Kensington for some well deserved ‘me-time’ and a little bit of pampering just in time for Valentine’s Day.

We met some lovely mummies and mums with bumps including the lovely Ruth and Loretta who write for More than a Mum, a blog dedicated to Mums, who want to be brilliant Mums at rediscovering their identity as a women.

Here is what they thought about the event in their own words. Thank you all for coming and hope to see more of you join us in our upcoming Kensington Mums events.

As you know we are big advocates of ‘me-time’ at MTAM.  We believe a happy mum means a happy child and what more could result in a happy mum than a bit of relaxation and pampering?!  So, we were delighted when the lovely Dina (@KensingtonMums) invited us to a pamper morning she was hosting at the wonderful Neal’s Yard in Kensington.



We knew we could expect a massage and perhaps a makeover but what we got was so much more! After arriving a little late – me because public transport decided to attempt to sabotage my precious me-time and Ruth because she tends to have to waddle at a snail’s pace these days being only 4 weeks away from the bump’s arrival!  However, we got there in the end and the setting of the lovely little Neal’s Yard shop on Kensington Church street immediately made you feel relaxed – not only because of the light airy feel to the room but also due to the wonderful aromas that filled the room and the fact that a cup of delicious herbal tea was served that we were told was especially brewed to relax.  That and the delicious nibbles and I’d have been happy chatting, nibbling and supping and leaving feeling perfectly relaxed due to a few precious hours of child-free time.  But, again there was so much more.


We had our own team of specialists which included Sam who literally gave us a lesson in herbal remedies that were specifically and particularly beneficial to babies, children and mums.  The child products mainly functioned to soothe, calm and protect whereas the mum ones were created to de-stress, relax and pamper.  It was so interesting to learn about the strength, power and healing properties Mother Nature provides.  We got to sniff, taste and test but then best of all, we all had a go at making our own natural product using the various bases and essential oils.  We could ‘make and take’ a massage oil, shower gel, bath oil or body cream.  It was so much fun and hugely satisfying concocting it!

In between the workshop sections we mingled and chatted and of course despite being ‘mummy me-time’ the talk somehow veered towards childbirth and child rearing but in a fun and supportive way.  Throughout the morning we also took turns to have a makeover and/or a massage and I have to say the massage was amongst the best I’ve ever had and the practitioner spookily told me about myself just by feeling my back and neck muscles!

The Neal’s Yard products really are wonderful and I’d highly recommend them and was hugely grateful to go home feeling relaxed, pampered and refreshed clutching my goodie bag and handmade massage oil.  But, most of all it was a well run event where mums could get together and enjoy being women as well as mums and we just have to give a big thumbs up to that – So thank you Dina!