Kensington Mums & children at the new Kensington Harbour Club

Last week a small group of Kensington Mums and their little ones were invited to spend an afternoon at the new  Harbour Club in Kensington. The club is is located at Point West, 116 Cromwell Road, London, SW7 4XR. It was great to meet up with like minded Mums “offline” while getting fit and healthy and ready for summer.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by friendly staff and invited to try out healthy and refreshing fruit smoothies which we enjoyed while mingling before starting a packed afternoon of fun activities.

Before we could start our day at the club, each one of us had to complete a form in case of emergency for their little ones.

The first class was an arts and crafts sessions for the children supervised by staff from the club. Whilst kids got creative, Mums were taken around for a tour.

We learned that the Kensington club has a creche providing two hours a day as a complimentary service (subject to membership category) for all child members under the age of five.

First up was a Mum’s Yoga class, which was great for the body, mind and soul.  I personally found the class helped me reconnect with my body and completely switch off from my ordinary busy life schedule. The class was very challenging and engaging. The instructor was very professional and explained every exercise in great detail.

Then came the fun with our children  for a PRAMA class all together. The class was lots of fun including a lot of running and jumping. This is what the club has to say about their latest craze

“Harbour Club Kensington is London’s first destination to host PRAMA. If you’ve not heard of PRAMA before then picture this – a giant interactive space (floor and walls!), with flashing lights and music. In the space there are families all working out together in a fun, team-building way. That’s PRAMA! It’s a high-tech interactive area that uses lighting and sound to create a really unique workout for you and the family. Plus, there are adult only classes, too – so you can make the most of PRAMA in a way that suits you best. Come and be the first to try the most innovative new way to keep fit”.

Make sure you watch the video to see what we are talking about

After the PRAMA class was over, everyone enjoyed a nice swim in the Club’s luxury pool. Both mums and children enjoyed  a good splash  around, especially after the heat we were experiencing in London, this was such a treat!

The swimming pool was divided in two sections, one for laps and the other for families and children and there was a lifeguard on duty the whole time.

For those interested,  All Stars Swimming sessions are available for children to learn all the skills they need to be confident and safe swimmers.

The club also has two saunas and a steam room, they have specific times during the week and weekend for family swimming sessions. The changing rooms were clean and spacious and the club provide us with fresh towels as well as locks for lockers.

As any mum would, I  noticed a small area where they had a gated corner for crawlers, this is to help mums getting ready which I thought was a fantastic idea, especially for mums visiting the club with more than one child.  The changing rooms had  6 showers in the women’s changing rooms, but only 3 of them had hot water at the time. This is something we mentioned to the Club and we are sure it is being taken care of.

To end our experience, Harbour Club invited us for dinner at the club’s restaurant.   The children  ordered from the kids menu which we also picked from a little and really enjoyed.

For us mums thought, the dinner experience wasn’t as good as we were expecting.  The waiter who served us recommended some dishes which we ordered and not only the wait was long but once the food arrived, it wasn’t pleasant to eat.  We had a selection of dishes like Chicken Katsu Curry and Lentil soup which first and then, steak, chicken, Club sandwiches, and burgers which all of which were but not something we would be going back for.

Overall the classes were great and we thoroughly  enjoyed exercising with our children too. We all had a really good time together. We would like to thank the mums who came and helped make this a fun experience, a really fun and positive bunch even when things were not going as well as expected, everyone was still smiling which means a lot to us.

We know the Harbour Club Kensington is newly opened and therefore in the process of perfecting every aspect of the club and service. We would like to suggest looking into maintaining security for children at the club as we felt it was big for little ones as they can easily get lost between the floors.

The club offers family membership, and we think it would be great to offer a “Pay as you go” option for  families instead of the monthly fee membership only.

Watch the video of our day below, make sure you are subscribed to our You Tube Channel here.


It was a great day spend with some amazing Mums at the latest club in Kensington, thank you for having us Harbour Club


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