Keeping your home clean with Ecover


We had a great informative session with Ecover last week at Whole Foods Kensington, who shared with us some hints and tips on green living around the home exclusively with Kensington Mums.

Going green often seems like a challenging task especially when you lead a busy life. The Ecover team of experts showed us easy ways to make your home more eco-friendly by doing small things that have a positive impact on the planet and your family.

The team also  shared more information about Ecover and Method; two brands who pioneer a cleaner clean.

Click through the gallery to see some pictures from the morning and hope to see you all at some of our other ‘mumthly’ events and meet ups and make sure you read some of the Testimonials below.






















The Ecover Team have kindly shared the slides with us.





Here are a few testimonials from some lovely Kensington Mums.

A really brilliant, useful and informative event. I learned so much and picked up a lot of useful tips. Thank you Kensington Mums.

I  was always wondering how a green product is pushed into the market.I was interested as I am an environmental engineer and a Mum to a 6 year old child, and curious what sorts of products companies in this field are bringing into the market. On such a polluted environment we are living in today I am trying to live as sustainable as possible so at least my impact upon nature is low.I have used the Ecover brand back in Germany and was quite pleased with it.To my surprise, the presentation involved an interesting discussion about scientific facts we are involved in everyday. From the concept of being green and how to become more sustainable using ecological products, decreasing energy consumption to how the current activities and environment affect us and our families life.Also we had some fun and entertainment quizzing and chatting with local Kensington Mums.Overall I did enjoy my morning. Thank you for having me!

 I found the talk very informative, as well as enjoyable. It was remarkable for such a well established and successful company, to send three representatives who gave us their time and expertise generously, without there being any expectation to sell their products. I also liked meeting other mums and having an interesting discussion about matters that effect us all. I am curious to find out more and look forward to future events with Kensington Mums!

This was my first Kensington mums event.
I found the talk to be very informative!  The ladies were all lovely!! It was a very relaxed and friendly environment!  Thank you for the freebie’s.. Products are amazing!!