Instant Frozen Berry Yoghurt

This week we would like to thank Miriam AKA @mimi’s bowl. Mum of one little girl living in London sharing friendly recipes and food ideas.

This instant frozen yoghurt is hardly a recipe as it takes seconds to throw it together. It works well if you are time short, as no pre-preparation and freezing of lollies is needed. It is a healthy treat option too, so a winner with kids and parents. Instant Summer – enjoy!”

Serves 1, increase quantities as needed


  • handful of frozen berries
  • small pot of yoghurt, 120g approx

To prep you will need:

  • blender


  1. Let the berries slightly de-frost, so that they aren’t too tough on your blender.

2. Then blend with yoghurt and voila instant frozen yoghurt.

  1. Top with some crumbled frozen berries, as they add extra crunch. for bigger kids 3 years +). Or simply top with fresh berries.



*From Mimi’s Bowl: Modern Baby, Toddler and Family Food by Miriam Cooper.