Tuesday Takeover on Instagram – The Kensington Diary!

We are excited about having Shanti who is known as @thekensingtondiary for our first Instagram takeover.

As always, our aim is to empower your motherhood journey and to let you know you are not alone.

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About Shanti

Shanti lives in Kensington and works in London as a Medical Director in the corporate sector of the pharmaceutical industry.  Not only a wife and mother, Shanti has over a decade of experience working with blockbuster brands and extends her expertise to blogging on @thekensingtondiary, her creative outlet away from the corporate world.  As a mother who juggles a pressuring corporate career and motherhood, her aim is to socially empower and inspire mothers to embrace their individuality and careers after motherhood without sacrificing who they are, their passions or interests.

A typical day for Shanti usually involves a lot of multi-tasking and prioritising but also time for her family and self.

I usually start my morning with my 19 month old son Alexander, getting ready for the day. We settle in with a cup of coffee and oats. I eat and take my vitamins regularly so that I don’t feel tired or low. This is also a short scheduled quality time with my son before the day starts.

Our nanny then arrives and work begins. This usually begins with checking lots of emails and attending teleconferences (or meetings) with colleagues and customers from around the world. With my work diary, I run a to- do list and make sure I tick off as much as I can.

I usually try to get to the gym at least twice a week and tend to schedule this during a lunch break. Working out provides me with a mental edge for the day and leaves me feeling refreshed and accomplished. Utilising my lunch break means I have uninterrupted quality time with my family in the evening.

I then head back to work for more meetings and calls. And try to ensure that my to do list for the day is covered.

Then it’s dinner prep time! Imake this as easy as possible by planning meals in advance and shopping online via Ocado. I stick to healthy meals that take 15-25 minutes to cook with easy prep.

It’s then planned and prioritised time with Alexander where we play, read together, talk about our day and ensure it’s uninterrupted quality time. My husband usually gets home around 7 pm so we all eat dinner together, spend time as a family, bathe our little one and then it’s bedtime for him.

My husband and I then spend some time together either chatting about the day, relaxing and then planning our weekend or holidays for example (we love to travel!).

I usually unwind with a good read or series on Netflix before I fall asleep (with no white light of course). I also use this quiet time to document my ideas for my blog or Instagram. This is my scheduled me time. I try to use time in a productive way. I jot down ideas I have for my blog and concentrate on topics that will add value for my audience. Then it’s sweet dreams and a good 8 hours rest so I can tackle the next day!