Instagram Live- why mental health matters

Join us for an Instagram Live Q&A with Dahlia Dajani who is the cofounder of De Start Up Lab, talking about how she juggles her work life routine as a mother of three. Friday 17th of May 2019.
Our founder Dina Maktabi will also be sharing her advice for working and non working mothers on making the time for “me-time”.
During the Live Instagram Live Q&A, Dina and Dahlia will be covering.
  • How to make time for me time
  • How to juggle work life balance
  • How to manage the feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion
  • Books and reading recommendations
Tune in Friday 17th of May at 9am via Kensington Mums Instagram account


Dahlia is the co founder of De Startup Lab – this is her second startup and after realising there is a need in the market for a more realistic view on entrepreneurship. It can be hard. So in her online courses and community she advocates self care as an integral part of being a business owner. In our live event we will talk about the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur and how to make sure you don’t reach burn out.